McDonald's Happy Meals Now Come With An F Word

McDonald’s is being accused of handing out profane CDs in their Happy Meals.

The current Happy Meal option is a Kidz Bop CD — pop songs that you used to like until they were re-recorded by a bunch of whiny kids. One of the songs on CD#6, a cover of Gavin DeGraw’s “I Don’t Wanna Be” allegedly includes the F word. The lyric is actually “I’m tired of looking around”, but it sounds EXACTLY like “I’m tired of f***ing around.”

One McDonald’s, in Boaz, Alabama, has already pulled CD#6, following multiple complaints from parents and grandparents. But McDonald’s HQ stands firm, insisting that the song is consistent with the “stringent standards that we attribute to all of our Happy Meal toy offerings.” (We guess they must mean that 5-cent plastic crap they get from China.) Since there are no plans to withdraw the CDs, their legend will surely live on as all-caps eBay listings.

Parents: Profanity in McD’s Kidz Bop CD [UPI]
(Photo: phatman)

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