Comcast Lowers Your Bill, Then Charges Early Termination Fee

Comcast agreed to lower reader O.’s monthly cable bill to $40, but they didn’t warn him that the new, lower price would come with a hefty $150 early termination fee. O. could barely afford Comcast’s service before, and wouldn’t have agreed to the lower fee if he knew about the surprise fee. Comcast is telling him that he has no choice but to pay, and won’t even let him return to his previous plan.

So like everyone else, I’m feeling the effects of the economic downturn. The last few months I have barely made my Comcast payments. I decided to downgrade service at the end of April. I spent twenty minutes on the phone with the “account specialist”. Explained to her that I could no longer afford my current plan and hoped she could downgrade some things to lower my bill. She did her thing and lowered it about $40 a month. I was very pleased. She never mentioned anything about this breaking my contract or a fee. I didn’t ask because I figured I was entering into a new contract.

My bill came today…$150 early termination fee.

I called and was told there is no way whatsoever to waive the fee. I asked if it was possible to switch me back to my old plan, so the fee wouldn’t hit. Nope, can’t do it.

It’s no wonder everyone thinks these companies are the spawn of Satan.

Is there any chance at all for me to get rid of this fee?

Comcast can’t rope-a-dope you into paying an early termination fee. They should have clearly warned you that changing your service level would trigger the charge. If they didnt, it’s reasonable to ask them to either waive the fee or restore your old plan.

Reach out to Comcast’s headquarters, either through an Executive Email Carpet Bomb, or through their ever-cheerful Twitter team.
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