Sony Plans To Make The Wii and 360 Jealous By Pumping Your PS3 Full Of Free Music Videos

You just can’t win if you’re a gamer these days. Sure, you may like the console you’ve got, but you know your jealous of the exclusive games and features on the systems you don’t have. Even if you own all three current-gen home consoles you feel guilty about neglecting one or two of them.

But one nice thing about the situation is that competition makes all three systems improve as time passes. Code jockeys can redefine the consoles’ capabilities on the fly via downloads and firmware upgrades. The Xbox 360 has added Netflix streaming, the Wii added online polls and avatar-designing competitions and now the PS3 is upping the ante in the digital arms race by launching a service that streams music videos through the console.

Destructoid’s Jim Sterling reports the add-on, dubbed VidZone, is due this summer and will feature “thousands” of music videos.

The bigwigs in charge claim that VidZone is “backed by several Major record labels as well as thousands of Independent labels”, and will be available in the music section of the PS3’s XMB menu. Users will be able to compile and save their own video library, which will feature custom playlists that can be stopped, skipped and rewound at leisure. PSP owners will be able to create these playlists on their handhelds as well, which will then be streamed on the PS3.

Next we’ll wait and see what Nintendo and Microsoft will do to one-up Sony.

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(Photo: jpghouse)