Microsoft Taking Advantage Of Xbox Gears Of Wars Players In 'Dark Corners'

Microsoft is offering a smoking deal for some upcoming Gears of War 2 add-on content available in July. As in “crack-smoking.”

The $20 All Fronts Collection, which drops July 28, includes the three multiplayer map packs that have already been released for the blockbuster shooter, as well as a new set of arenas, dubbed Dark Corners, for players to gun one another down while yelling various immature insults.

Given the fact that the three earlier map packs cost a total of $20, All Fronts is plenty of bang for your Microsoft Points. But if you already own the others and just want to add Dark Corners, you’ll have to cough up an additional $20.

Variety gaming blogger Ben Fritz on the heist:

Let’s get this straight: People who download via Xbox Live get a portion of the content available at retail for the exact same price. And remember that distributing content on XBL costs substantially less than selling it at retail, since there’s no manufacturing costs, no shipping costs, and no retailer to split the proceeds with. So Microsoft’s profit margins are much bigger on that $20. Sounds like a major rip-off to me.

That’s our Microsoft!

Microsoft raping the wallets of loyal Gears fans [Variety]
(Photo: GarotaDesastrada)

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