US Airways To Charge Fee For Paying Fee

US Airways must be running out of ideas. Instead of coming up with a new fee for a previously free service, the dullards in corporate could only muster a top-off on a pre-existing fee. See, for a while US Airways has charged $15 for the first checked bag and $25 for the second, but now there will be a $5 additional fee if you pay those fees in person rather than online. In other words, a fee for paying a fee. A bit of a watery effort, if I may say so . Come now, gents, put your thinking caps on. We’re looking for a little more sizzle and crackle in our airline fee innovations.

US Airways 1Q loss shrinks; adds fee for checking bags at airport instead of online [LA Times] (Thanks to Redwoodflyer!) (Photo: jurvetson)

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