Louis Vuitton's CSI Handbag Division Won't Let Customer Return $700 Purse

Kristie wanted a specific bag, in a specific size, and ordered it directly from Louis Vuitton. They sent her correct item, but in the wrong size. They had sent her the Speedy 25, which costs $25 less and is quite a bit smaller. The company sent her a pre-paid shipping label so she could return the bag and they could correct their mistake. Two weeks later, she received the same box back, with a letter informing her that the bag had obviously been used, and they wouldn’t accept the return.

How did they know it had been used? They found a hair inside the purse. Whose hair? What color hair? They refuse to say.

She wrote about the situation:

WTH???? It was the WRONG bag to begin with so how in the heck could I have USED it???

I called Vuitton.com and the rep told me that they had inspected the bag and found a piece of hair in it and so they were unable to return it. I explained to them that the bag was the WRONG one shipped to begin with AND the brass looked tarnished. I told them I had not even unfolded the bag when I realized it was the 25 instead of the 30.

The rep said, “Well, there was a hair in it so obviously it was used by you and we cannot refund your money. Maybe you can just sell it on your own.”

So now, I am out $700.00 plus shipping for the WRONG BAG. They also said not to bother with disputing it on my credit card because they took a photo of the piece of hair in the bag, proving it was used and not within their “return standards.”

I told them that they were the ones that sent me the wrong (and USED) bag to begin with so how was I responsible for it? The rep said that they NEVER would have sent out a bag that appeared used (Yet they sent the wrong one in the first place) so I was the one that used it. I am just livid right now.

Later, the company backpedaled more, insisting that they never sent her the incorrect bag, and that she had used and returned a Speedy 30. Right now, Kristie has initiated a chargeback on her credit card, and is sitting with the wrong bag in her closet…still unused. Because it was the wrong bag. Selling it on eBay would mean taking about a $300 loss, which she finds unacceptable.

vuitton.com’s HORRIBLE service *rant* [Purse Forum]

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