Sailor Thanks Consumerist For Helping His Family

Romeo is 22, in the Navy, and says he really appreciates what Consumerist has done for him and his family. Read his heartfelt letter, inside…

Romeo writes:

To the,

First, my deepest thanks, your site has has played an unbelievable part in my family’s financial success, even in these tough times. I am proud to the say that at 22, as a father/husband with two young boys, I am not only a new homeowner (30yr Fixed), but I’m well on my way to paying off the last of my families consumer debt. (>$9k Total including 2 Used Cars & a low APR Visa).

I am currently enlisted as a Personnel Specialist 3rd Class in the U.S. Navy, and for all intents and purposes “Customer Service” has been my bread and butter for the last 4 years. Needless to say, CS is pretty stressful on anybody, much less with Deployments, Military Duties, and The Global War on Terrorism constantly on the forefront of your mind. To say my fellow service members have all become “accustomed” to high levels of stress is quite an understatement. Sad as it is to say, many of us simply don’t always have the energy to focus on important financial matters while we are at home or abroad. While the Navy does it best to provide financial management training and resources, I wish more of my shipmates would take a few minutes to browse your articles. The untold tales of abuse many of my brothers have suffered due to shifty lease contracts, abusive business practices, cellphone ETFs, ARM Foreclosures….etc., is truly disheartening, and, worse yet: preventable.

But through it all, I wish was eloquent enough to express just how much we appreciate everyone involved with publishing the Consumerist. You have become an invaluable resource for many of my shipmates, many of whom I direct to you when a relevant issue arises. Whether intentional or not, your efforts have helped countless military members forge a safe financial path through these strenuous times, and have there by played a huge role in keeping our war fighters’ mind focused on our mission: The safety and security of the United States of America at home and abroad.

From the bottom of my Heart,
Thank You.
Romeo E. PS3(SW/AW), USN

Thanks Romeo! It always makes us feel good to hear that we’re helping people out. Certainly makes getting up in the morning easier. If you agree with Romeo and think Consumerist has made a difference in your life, consider visiting

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