Helpful Service from Wachovia via Twitter

Reader Mike wrote to us about a problem he was experiencing with Wachovia (now part of Wells Fargo, but apparently keeping its own identity.) A day later, he he wrote back, informing us that the problem had resolved itself via Wachovia’s Twitter account. (Customers, take note: that’s

In the follow-up e-mail, he wrote:

I wrote yesterday… Please don’t publish, as Wachovia handled it with grace once I got to higher power. Tweeted Wachovia’s Twitter account and within five or six hours someone from president’s office contacted me and refunded the [NSF] fees.

I’d be happy if you’d publish an item noting how responsive they were. While it would be nice if I hadn’t had to go to the trouble, the bank does deserve kudos for listening to and responding to the story.

The challenge lies, of course, in reaching that higher power. I recommend meditation, fasting, and intensive customer service ninja training.

Another customer service Twitter account recently reported to Consumerist: Qwest Communications (

(Thanks, Mike and Josh!)

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