"Sprint Won't Stop Calling Me To Make Sure I Am Happy With Them"

One of our readers can’t get Sprint to stop calling him. He’s happy with the service, and they just want to make sure he’s happy. Repeatedly. To the point that they’re starting to get on his nerves.

Smackswell writes:

After my last smartphone died on me (palm centro) and I found a new blackberry for cheap on craigslist, I went to one of their stores to get it activated. They informed me I had to change my plan to some $70 a month deal, and confirmed all my billing info was correct. It’s expensive, but it was worth it to me.

Ever since then, I keep on receiving calls from sprint. The first time I answered, and a woman informed me she wanted to make sure my service was going well, that I was happy with my plan, that I knew all the details of my plan, billing info correct, etc and so on. I humored her, went through the dialogue, and just when we were finishing up, the call dropped. It’s funny, cuz it’s the only dropped call I’ve had with the phone. I thought we were done, but she decided to call back anyways. I didn’t answer, as I was sick of talking to CSRs.

Since then, I keep getting 877 numbers calling me. Been going on for a few days now. Today, I called the number back and they wanted to go through the whole spiel again. I told her I already did this and didn’t want them to call me back. She said she’d put me on their “do not call” list. Great. Problem solved, right?

No. An hour or so later I get yet another call, this time a guy wanting to play the game all over again. I tell him I keep getting the same call over and over, and he tells me he’ll put me on the “do not call” list. I’m almost positive I’m going to get this call again any second now, and it’s driving me nuts. Any advice?

Smackswell, they probably just don’t have enough customers to call. Try to get some friends to sign up with Sprint so they’ll have more people to bug. I’d do it but I hate them too much.

(Photo: public.resource.org)

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