Morning Deals

  • Borders: 40% off One Item at Borders (Printable In-Store Coupon)
  • Turbo Tax: [Tax Filing] Free Federal E-Filing on All Returns + Free 1040EZ
  • T-mobile: T-Mobile: Free $25 refill card with select prepaid phones + free shipping

Highlights From Buxr

  • Foot Locker: [Clothing] $15 off $60+ w/ coupon EMCP9M3R
  • Little Caesars: [Food, Sort Of] Free Crazy Bread Printable Coupon
  • [MP3 Player Accessories] Sansa 5 Piece c200 Travel Set for $4.99 w/ Free shipping

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Amazon: [VoIP] D-Link DPH-50U Skype USB Phone Adapter $10
  • [Headphones] Altec Lansing Noise Canceling Headphones $28 Shipped
  • 1and1: [WWW] Save 50% off Web Hosting Plans for first 6 Months

Highlights From Dealnews

  • HandHeldItems: [iPhone Accessories] HHI iPhone 1050mAh Extended Battery Holster for $30 + $6 s&h
  • TigerDirect: [TVs] Sony BRAVIA 40″ 1080p Widescreen LCD HDTV for $800 + $41 s&h
  • Newegg: [Video Games] Guitar Hero: World Tour (game only) for Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3 for $25 + free shipping

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  1. noone1569 says:

    Food, sort of, lol

  2. davidamarcillo says:

    And the Woot Off continues.

  3. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I don’t know whether this is a deal in the long run, considering the amount of sodium intake, but I noticed in the Rite Aid near the Rosslyn metro station that ramen was either buy one get one free or just free.

  4. Fresh-Fest-1986 says:

    Just thought I’d mention that the Border’s offer requires a Borders Rewards membership.

  5. LetMeGetTheManager says:

    Wait…since when does Little Caesar’s still exist?

    And I actually just checked, how did I not know there was one two miles from me?!

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      @LetMeGetTheManager: Little Caesers really scaled back their stores…the one near my home disappeared at least 10 years ago, but when I got to college I was surprised to find one! It does quite well because it’s cheap…but their pizza is pretty bland and nearly inedible. But as long as you have a college student’s stomach of iron, you’ll be fine for a few years.

      • ExtraCelestial says:

        @pecan 3.14159265: Aw. Anyone remember their “pizza pizza” commercials? Little Caesar’s used to be the shit when I was a kid growing up in Richmond. Mmmm warm, garlic breadsticks.

        • KingBananaHammock_GitEmSteveDave says:

          @TinkishDelight: Only thing better than “Pizza,Pizza” was the “One pizza, One Box” ad.

          “It’s a Pterodactyl” usually pops in my head when someone says “What’s that?”.

      • Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

        @pecan 3.14159265: oh, man, i LOVE their pizza. Maybe it varies by store. Ours has the most consistently perfect pizza cheese anywhere!

        $5 hot-and-ready, on my husband’s route home from work, is a lifesaver when we’re too blerghy to cook.

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          @Eyebrows McGee (on Twitter: LPetelle): I think the problem with my local Caesars was that the entire place just seemed like a health code violation. You didn’t want to sit down or touch anything. But also, because it was in a college town, they would make the pizzas ahead of time and let them sit in the warmer thing, so if you weren’t lucky to get fresh pizzas, you probably got one that was made an hour ago.

    • theblackdog says:

      @LetMeGetTheManager: The closest one for me is 12 miles away, I doubt they’ll deliver, lol

    • fatcop says:

      @LetMeGetTheManager: I have a Dominoes 1 block away, a Pizzaslut 2 blocks away, and I drive by both to go the 9 blocks to Little Caesars.

      Just wish they still had the rectangular rug pizza like the old days.

  6. techstar25 says:

    Re: Little Caesars: I have one right down the street from me. The $5 pizzas are perfect for a night when I’m too tired to cook. My kids love it, and to be honest, it’s better than Dominoes or Pizza Hut.

    Re: 1and1 Internet: I’ve been using 1&1 for my website and email hosting for a few years and I highly recommend them. They have been really great, and their web interface is really easy to use. They have far and away some of the best hosting prices. I’ve even switched to them for domains names because Godaddy’s interface became impossible to use (too many adds, too many steps, etc).

    • Kaessa says:

      @techstar25: I have to second that sentiment about 1and1… I’ve been using them for the last 5 years, I currently have 4 domains hosted with them. Great prices, interface is easy to use, uptime is good, speed is decent. The customer service was a bit on the slow side the last time I used them, but polite and we got the problem resolved.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      @techstar25: To each their own…I personally find Little Caesers terrible, but then again, I also dislike Dominoes and Pizza Hut. Local mom and pop shops FTW.

  7. zero_o says:

    1&1 sent me to collections (for $25.00) after my credit card hit its expiration date without ever sending me a bill. The collections company they use didn’t contact me either (they had my current contact info) I noticed it when I looked at So I will never use 1&1 again.

  8. Anonymous says:

    DO NOT use Tricky billing techniques, poor service, and poor features. Difficult to cancel also.

    It may be okay for some, but the company in general has a bad reputation and my experience with them as one of my hosting companies has been less than favorable. Others, like Lunarpages, are much better. Now hosting for them is $4.95 for up to two years.

  9. JonThomasDesigns says:

    the XB360 world tour offer is bunk ..

  10. Christopher Colby Mulkey says:

    I love me some NewEgg, but I’m a little irritated that they’re charging $25 for World Tour on the Wii & PS3, and $57 for the same game on the 360!

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      @Christopher Colby Mulkey: It does seem strange that the price for the Wii version would drop so significantly, but the price for the 360 version (especially since 360 and PS3 games are comparable in price normally) would stay relatively high.

  11. enine says:

    Doesn’t it seem ironic that you list a deal to T-mobile while one the same page having it in the competetion for worst company?

  12. edwardso says:

    Damn you Consumerist! Now I want pizza but am locked into Shabbos dinner with the inlaws. Maybe I can convince them…

    • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

      @edwardso: I didn’t check the expiry date- but you could always save the coupon for the post-Passover-pizza-and-carb-fest :D

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      @edwardso: Sneak some under the table?

    • Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:

      You would serve your in-laws Little Ceasar’s? Brilliant idea, and now one I’m going to use the next time my in-laws visit.

      Considering how my in-laws feel about me (and likewise how I feel about them), a $5 pizza may be TOO MUCH. yuk yuk yuk

  13. jehurey says:

    Little Ceaser’s garlic bread is pretty damn terrific.

    So garlicky.

  14. Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:

    Little Ceasar’s deals make sense – Mike Illitch needs the money! The Red Wings aren’t selling out Joe Louis Arena every night anymore!

  15. BreadBoy says:

    Little Caesars?