Personal Finance Roundup

10 things credit card issuers don’t say [MSN Money] “Some of the card companies’ little-known rules are costing you money — and putting your credit, your identity and your family at risk.”
Even Now, You Can Score a Raise [Wall Street Journal] “While economic circumstances have stacked the deck against you, there is room for raises for those workers with outstanding value and a fair amount of finesse when it comes to negotiating, experts say.”
20 Ways to Make More Money [Free Money Finance] “Here are 20 ways we all can at least consider making more money.”
Bargaining Down the Medical Bills [NY Times] “When money is tight, everything is negotiable – including your health care bills.”
What to do if you lose your 401(k) match [Bankrate] “With a little financial planning a loss of employer contributions to your 401(k) need not derail your retirement plan.”

FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: frankieleon)

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