If you transfer a prescription to RiteAid, you’ll receive a $25 gift card. Emily, who tipped us to this, says the cashier told her you could do this for up to four meds, but their website says just two. Also, you can’t use the gift card to pay for prescriptions. Still, hey, free money if you don’t mind where you get your prescription filled. [Rite Aid]


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  1. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    Walgreens does this too, though I think it’s only $10. Target has coupons sometimes in their circulars for a $10 gift card.

    Sometimes they’ll let you do it when you renew your subscription (i.e. get a renewed one from your doctor and take it to your doctor) because a lot of times, they won’t check to see whether you’re already in the system. They’ll just put you in and when you pick up your meds, hand them the coupon, and they’ll most likely give you the gift card anyway.

    I’m talking about when it’s not an automatic renewal, and when some doctors require you to get a yearly exam before giving you a prescription.

  2. ovalseven says:

    Keep in mind that CVS will honor competitor’s coupons, including this one.

    My girlfriend has been transferring her prescriptions between the two stores for years.

  3. coren says:

    So now can you play revolving prescriptions and switch em up to make more cash?

  4. Zyzzyva100 says:

    Of course its not good in NY, none of the good coupons ever are.

    • acknight says:

      @Zyzzyva100: These kind of coupons are against the law in NYS. Although some places (I’ve seen it at the Kmart pharmacy before) have signs basically saying they can rather than discount, “match” the offer as a discount on something else the customer’s buying.

  5. specialista says:

    CVS will also give you coupons – between $25-$50, depending on the promotion.

  6. gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

    good tip, but i no longer trust RiteAid.
    last 2 times i went in to get a script filled for blood sugar test strips, they have screwed it up – first time, they couldn’t fill my script 100%, so they filled it 75% and failed to tell me. second time, they pulled the script and the pharmacist signed off on it (as if they pulled 100% of the script) i get to the desk, realize she only has one box of test strips, when there should be at least 2, so she grabs a second box. i get home, and it turns out that the one box that had been pulled and labeled was not a box of 100, but a box of 50. headache ensued.
    one of my mom’s patients went to riteaid to get a script filled for humalog (short-acting insulin), and they gave her a vial of 70/30 (short/long mix)
    i no longer trust them, seeing as they have screwed up such simple scripts, i don’t trust them to do something as complicated as get the right pills into a bottle for me. (although ymmv)

  7. runchadrun says:

    Of course that means you have to deal with Rite Aid…

    I did this with one of the CVS coupons a few months ago. They made it such a hassle it wasn’t worth my $25 and it’s discouraged me from having any prescriptions filled there anymore. Instead I use the pharmacy at my grocery store (Vons, a Safeway store) where I can have the prescription filled in about 15 minutes while I shop. Try getting a prescription filled that fast at CVS, let alone Rite Aid.

  8. Michael Cohen says:

    In New Jersey, coupons and specials related to prescriptions are only available to senior citizens over a certain age. It is either 62 or 65. There is a sign in every pharmacy in NJ to that effect.

  9. chemicalx9 says:

    Hooray! Lets make the pharmacists job that much more difficult to screen for interactions and contraindications. Then again I guess that the relative risk reduction of 10% less adverse events per patients and the health care savings of several hundreds of millions of dollars per year is worth that $25.

  10. LauraDandoo says:

    Rite Aid has the worst pharmacy going; they have screwed up my prescriptions numerous times and just flat out lied to me. The money isn’t worth the hassle.

  11. VitaminH says:

    I’d just like to say that, as a pharmacist, these things are the bane of our existence. Corpo chains constantly offer these and people just jump back and forth between pharamcies. This can be a huge problem if you’ve got 1/2 of your prescriptions at pharmacy X, 1/4 at pharmacy Y and the rest at pharmacy Z. What if there’s a deadly interaction between one of the drugs at X and Z? We’ll never catch it. They also in the long run hurt customer service as the pharmacy will get overwhelmed and the pharmacists (who are already few and far between) get tied up all day on the phone. Something important you need to be told about your meds? Whoops sorry I was on the phone transferring some Rx’s to get someone a gift card and you got tired of waiting and just left. Now you don’t know those antibiotics you got for strep throat are gonna make your birth control not work. Couple that with the general frustration of people constantly gaming the system trying to get as many of these as they can just gets irritating by the end of the day I’m sure our level of politeness declines. I try very hard to be polite and courteous to everyone but anyone who works with the public can attest that it can be rather draining some days.

    • floraposte says:

      @VitaminH: I haven’t gotten spoken advice from a pharmacist in years. It’s all on a printout. I think they’re supposed to show me the medication if it’s changed, as sometimes they do that.

      I’m actually perfectly happy with my pharmacy, so this isn’t a complaint; I’m just surprised to hear that there are pharmacies that rely on spoken word for stuff like that, since, as you make clear, it’s pretty easy to be unavailable for the discussion (or to need to take your own time with it).

  12. Anonymous says:

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  13. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

    (reply isn’t working for me)
    VitaminH I totally agree with you – these offers aren’t the best thing for patients and certainly not for the staff.

    That said, it’s free money and I admit to using the coupons too.

  14. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I think this should only be for people who have one and only one prescription…it gets confusing when you have more and you’re switching them in and out of pharmacies, and you have to worry about drug interaction.

  15. Ben King says:

    Safeway does this, and I think they give you more money too.

  16. scouts honor says:

    @Ben King: Safeway gives a $30 gift card for transferring a prescription. I’ve been transferring back and forth between Safeway and Target ($10) for a few months now. I shop at those stores anyway so it saves a lot of money with little effort.

  17. mamacat49 says:

    I play CVS , Walgreens and Rite Aid off on each other for a simple skin med I take. Nets me about $100 free every year. And I always give them over a day to fill it and get it transferred. For anything else, it’s Target Pharmacy all the way. They get your meds to you in under 15 minutes at our Target.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I work at a Rite Aid and yes the transfers are pain. Personally I would rather have it like New York where you can only transfer one fill. Also I have had people yell me because we can’t fill their prescription because they had it transferred to another chain. Overall, there just a hassle and don’t really get us customers because most of the customers that use them just jump from on store to another.