Recent Recalls

These products were recalled recently. Watch out!
State Farm “Good Neigh Bears” – (choking)
Nordstrom Girl Shoes – (lead)
Cannondale Road Bikes – (falling)


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  1. Jabberkaty says:

    Bikes can be recalled for people falling off of them?

    I know, I know. Go read the article.

  2. unobservant says:

    If falling is a danger, should we not outlaw any bike that isn’t a Big Wheel?

  3. Joewithay says:

    I knew it! Bears are evil killers with no remorse.

  4. CaffiendCA says:

    I don’t think Cannodale left that stupid ring off by accident. It looks a lot better without it.

  5. TerribleDecade says:

    I guess I can understand the shoes, since people don’t usually wear socks with them or put them in their mouths. And I guess the bikes, since the chains are faulty.

    Discarding the whole bear just because of the eyes?

  6. philmin says:

    Hmmmm, just about every teddy bear I’ve seen has the same exact problem.

    • floraposte says:

      @philmin: I think that they’re just trying to avoid the irony of being the insurance company whose freebies killed kids.

    • shepd says:


      “Safe” stuffed toys for infants have stitched eyes. This includes teddy bears (Ty has a line of bears like this). The stitched on eyes are actually decent looking, so there’s no need for fake glass eyes/noses anymore on most toys except if you want that look–but trust me, your 1 year old doesn’t care. :)

    • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

      @philmin: I know. Half these recalls would be unnecessary if parents felt the obligation to actually WATCH their children instead of stuffing a bear in their mouths to shut them up. AUGH!

      Seriously need licensing for parents!

  7. nakedscience says:

    TerribleDecade, if your young child was given that bear, and in five minutes was choking on the eyes, I suspect you’d wonder why it was being sold.

    Also, the comments are never gonna be fixed, huh? :(

  8. investigator says:

    That Cannondale recall is ridiculous. After buying a new bike, the first thing all proper road cyclists does is remove the “dork disk.”

  9. Ubik2501 says:

    @nakedscience: I’m starting to wonder about that myself. It’s irritating to not be able to comment effectively because of a bug that seems to have been fixed over on Gawker a week ago already.

  10. investigator says:

    “…road cyclists do…” of course.

  11. failurate says:

    The bike may look cooler without the chain guard, but it seems like a silly omission from Cannondale. It’s a part required by mandate.

    And yeah, the comments problem thing is just dragging on and on. I wonder if they have stats on how many fewer comments and hits they are getting because of the issue? I also wonder what their support contract is like with Gawker? Seems like Consumerist has been left to rot. The Gawker sites on the Gawker platform are not having this problem, or if they did, they got the fix.

    • SpaceBat_GitEmSteveDave says:

      @failurate: I really think this is a not a widespread problem. It hasn’t affected me more than a few times across 3 computers at my house and the ones at work. My simple fix was taking the “#” off the end of the URL, then hitting enter. As you can see, I’ve been replying just fine.

    • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

      @failurate: It has something to do with the URL’s being truncated incorrectly. I haven’t had a problem with replying during this whole fiasco, and its getting really annoying to continuously read “comments broken?” over and over and over.

  12. nakedscience says:

    Yeah, Ubik2501, this is getting old.

  13. nakedscience says:

    And why are they still on the Gawker platform? I wonder if they are making plans to move to another platform, and that’s why there is a delay? If that’s the case, I approve and will wait patiently!

  14. S-Meow P-Meow says:

    I would like to applaud the Consumerist for continuing to publish this information. I have serious concerns as to why information like this isn’t included in mainstream media on a daily basis.

    For those that may not be aware, CPSC has an RSS feed at []

    Additionally, there is a mailing list available at []

    Please encourage those with children to subscribe to these lists. The recall information is extremely valuable and can prevent harm to children.

  15. nakedscience says:

    Ninja007, do you log in/comment on Gawker sites? I’ve heard if you do, then the Consumerist site works.

    I don’t and have no plans too so it’s…annoying, to say the least.

  16. nakedscience says:

    too = to…I know correct grammarrrrrz, i swear.

  17. failurate says:

    The “log into a Gawker site” fix seems to have expired for me. It worked yesterday… or a couple of days ago.

  18. captadam says:

    So, Allstate agents, promoting their “good neighbor” schtick, handed out cutesy little bears that their clients’ children could play with … and, as it turns out, these bears are a choking hazard! Bad neighbor, Allstate! BAD NEIGHBOR!

  19. damnpoor says:

    The Cannondale recall is BS. I took the spoke protector disc off both my road bikes. 5 years and thousands of miles later there has yet to be any problems. I’ve never even seen a chain come off the cassette.

    • theboomboomcars says:

      @damnpoor: A properly adjusted rear derailleur will not over shift the top cog. I could see requiring this on bikes from walmart which are setup by people who don’t really know about bike maintenance, but a bike that is only sold through shops that know how to set up the bike seems silly.

    • failurate says:

      @damnpoor: I wonder how much this recall will cost Cannondale? It doesn’t sound like their customers are that interested, but they will have to install it on all unsold inventory to meet safety regulations.

  20. Ubik2501 says:

    @ Oranges w/ Cheese: Just because you’re not experiencing the bug doesn’t mean other users aren’t, and I’d think it’d be in the best interests of the Consumerist to encourage readership as much as possible. I haven’t found anything yet that’s fixed the issue for me – different browser, different PC, being logged in to Gawker, logging out and back in again – and it’s a disservice to the users to just leave a nontrivial portion of the userbase unable to participate properly in discussions.

    It’s not exactly war crimes or anything, but it is poor customer service to leave it unaddressed when it’s been remedied elsewhere already… and poor customer service on the Consumerist is a kind of irony I don’t find delicious.