MotorMouths – One Car Review Site To Rule Them All

MotorMouths is a new car review site, but they don’t review cars. They review car reviews. They look at each critics’ review and assign a score based on what the critic is saying about the car, and then also supply an average score for each car. Only critics with cred are used. Sorta like RottenTomatoes for movies, or Metascore for videogames. A handy way to help round out a new car search. For more on how they work, check here, and read here for info about how their scoring matrix works.

MotorMouths [Official Site]


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  1. econobiker says:

    Excellent idea!!! Maybe this will cut through the bs that car reviewers spout out because a certain brand was advertising in the mag the reviewer worked for…

    • cabjf says:

      @econobiker: Eh, it still doesn’t consider what the reviewers were weighing their priorities on. How many car reviews consider anything like reliability or safety? Let alone put any sort of weight in their review about it. It will be nice when looking for one place to find multiple reviews of a vehicle without scouring the internet though.

  2. Canino says:

    I think I’m going to start a site that reviews sites that review reviews.

  3. Blueskylaw says:

    Every car commercial out there claims that the car is
    “best in it’s class”.

    My question for MotorMouths is, how many classes of cars are there?

    • Anonymous says:

      @Blueskylaw: A lot, by their definition. We try to simplify things. The categories we use are essentially the body type (sedan, coupe convertible, wagon, hatchback, SUV, minivan), and hybrid. We also have a classification of “exotic,” which basically means any vehicle that has a very low number in production, or which is priced far beyond the norm. So that’s nine classes. And yes, we can tell you which car is the best-reviewed in each of those categories. It’s an interesting list.

  4. Greg Krohne says:

    Though Consumer Reports is listed as a source, I’ve yet to find a vehicle that includes Consumer Reports in the scores.