The tanukis of the world can sleep a little easier tonight. JC Penney is now “fur free.” [Seattle P-I]


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  1. Meathamper says:

    Oh, not “for free?” Damn.

  2. Chumas says:

    Why would I want to wear some foreign animals pelt over my groin, domestically furred wildlife has always done a good job of it.

    Now, I shall don my loincloth of muskrat and ground squirrel and prance proudly in front of my local PETA office while pelvicly thrusting at their logo.

  3. Jacob Morgan says:

    Ground squirrel? That doesn’t sound particularly appetizing.

  4. ohnoes says:

    Now what will Mario wear?

  5. Chumas says:

    @ Jacob Morgan
    Ground squirrel is actually very tasty.
    Wild garlic, ramsoms, cattail roots and salt.

    Boy Scouts: Teaching young men how to view the local wildlife as dinner. :D

  6. snazz says:

    you should have used a picture from super mario brothers 3… i always loved that suit the most, and it only appeared like 2 times!

  7. ArcanaJ says:

    @ Chumas

    I look forward to your inevitable YouTube fame.

  8. Chumas says:

    @ ArcanaJ

    I live in florida now, so there’s not much out here that’s very sporting to hunt. Well, aside from the hordes of proto-zombies.
    North Dakota on the other hand is a hunters paradise. Even Ted Nugent would be happy there. heh

  9. says:

    I thought they can turn to stone. Maybe poachers just waited a few seconds until they started flashing?

  10. Jeangenie says:

    I always thought Tom Nook was a raccoon, but I read this very Wikipedia entry just a while back and found out he was a Tanuki.

    He should be the mascot of the Consumerist.

    • RulesLawyer says:

      @Jeangenie: That blasted Nookie! He never sells what I need and never pays enough for what I want to sell. I’ve posted fliers on the city notice board telling people to avoid his store, but it’s like he’s running a monopoly, you know?

      Worst part was last week I bought up about 300,000 worth of turnips from the local peddler for about 110 each, and ended up having to sell them to Tom $!@#$ Nook for 38. The @#$%#@$ nookie cost me 2/3 of my life savings!

      Later that night, I’m grumbling about it over dinner. My 12-year-old turns to me with her sweet face, looks deeply into my eyes, and in an innocent voice says, “Daddy, you’re just like AIG.”

  11. Anonymous says:

    Tanuki is a symbol of hospitality and good times. We have been told that our Tanuki, located in our window, started life outside a sake bar in Kobe, Japan about a hundred years ago. He is a prime specimen, complete with his pouch to hold Your money and his jar to hold Your sake.

  12. Anisha says:

    A lot of people think this fall is because the housing market is way over-valued, and i have to agree with them. Homes that are worth 200k are selling for 600k, so when the market hits bottom, these people will have to take huge losses on there homes.