Gas Price Watch

Consumerist brings you a sampling of gas prices from cities around the nation. Red means that gas prices went up, green means they went down.

This Week
Last Week
Boston 185.5
Chicago 203.2 196.0
Los Angeles
New York City
San Francisco

[Energy Information Administration]


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  1. noone1569 says:

    Moving to Houston . ..

    • Alys Brangwin says:

      @noone1569: Home of the nation’s worst air quality!

    • EyeHeartPie says:

      @noone1569: Don’t do it. The slightly lower gas prices are counter-balanced by the fact that you spend so much damn time sitting still in traffic. All the time. Regardless of time of day or day of the week. Cheap gas is all well and good, but when you’re using it sitting on the highway in bumper-to-bumper traffic, it’s not really worth it.

    • Necoras says:

      @noone1569: Dallas is comparable in gas prices (I’ve seen stuff in the $1.65 range) and we’re much nicer. Still lotso traffic, but I take the bus. HOV lane FTW!!!

  2. KyleOrton says:

    @noone1569 – Full disclosure: it’s in Texas.

  3. Chip Skylark of Space says:

    Moving to Houston . ..

    …but then you’d be living … in T e x a s.

    I’m just sayin’.

  4. IT-Chick says:

    Our gas in the Chicago burbs tends to fluctuate within 10 cents, and that’s even between stations a mile apart.
    I don’t fret about a small change like that, especially while I’m still appreciating not spending $65 twice a week to fill one of my cars.

  5. terryindtw says:

    1.78 this morning in Detroit.

  6. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    It’s 1.95 most places here in Orlando today.
    Heaven knows why, though.

  7. flyboyJ says:

    So what’s wrong with T E X A S? Just because we only have 2 seasons (summer-hot and summer-hotter) doesn’t mean you should pick on us …

    Hey, at least I’ll lose 15 pounds this summer … standing outside …

    • IT-Chick says:


      When I think of Texas I think of deserts, sand, blaring sun in my eyes, eating sand because you’re so hot you hallucinate that it’s water. I think of vultures, oh, also the Alamo. (that’s in TX right) Then that makes me think of Pee Wee Herman, and clowns. (that one part where he can’t find his bike and has a nightmare about clowns breaking it) I am horribly afraid of clowns, so I could never live in Texas. Clowns scare me more than death in the desert or vultures.
      I won’t be relocating there to save 20 cents a gallon.

      Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve actually never been there. Just “educated” assumptions.

      • Don Roberto says:

        @IT-Chick: Pretty much anything east of the Alamo, south of Dallas, and north of the Nueces is quite green and lush. Houston, despite its bad rap for being sprawling and having huge highways (just opened up the Katy Freeway with 22-28 lanes), is actually quite green. I fly in and out of town for work often, and I hear people commenting on how green Houston is as we approach IAH. Most suburban sprawl here takes the place of old fields and prairie towards the west of the city, where there were few trees, and developers actually bring in more trees. East and north of the city is pine forest, where developers have been very careful to preserve as many large trees as possible. Summers are hot, winters are cool and rainy. But no dust storms here. Maybe an occasional hurricane.

    • turi319 says:

      @flyboyJ: It’s like 50 degrees today in Houston.

    • GuinevereRucker says:

      @flyboyJ: Well the people are sure nicer than here in Boston. And I bet the driving is better too.

    • Necoras says:

      @flyboyJ: It was like 38 degrees this morning (Dallas). We have winter, it’s just cold and soggy instead of 14 feet of snow.

  8. Sian says:

    San Jose CA
    This week Last week
    $2.122 $2.193

    according to gasbuddy

    • Starfury says:


      Wife filled up at Fremont Costco for $2.02

      Sucks how California gas is always more than the rest of the country.

  9. LithiumIronman_GitEmSteveDave says:

    Wow, you should all come to Jersey. It’s around ~167.9 in the areas I travel, and we have people who pump it for you. Just don’t come here during the summer.

  10. ekthesy says:

    Paid $1.67/gal to fill up (cash) this morning. Ah, New Jersey. But I wonder how much cheaper it would be if we could pump our own gas instead of sitting around waiting for the attendant to notice you.

    • LithiumIronman_GitEmSteveDave says:

      @ekthesy: Not much. Picture some of other fine citizens and think about how almost everyday you would see a mushroom cloud from another station going up ;)

  11. The_IT_Crone says:

    @flyboyj: I don’t think anyone is referring to the weather. Besides, in Minnesota we have a saying: it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. So in Texas it’s not the heat, it’s the hillbillies.

    /I keed
    //a little

  12. EyeintheLAsky says:

    That’s odd…i live in El Lay, and just 12 hours ago filled-up @ a Chevron station – and paid just $1.99.9/gallon.

    It’s worth the extra 20+ cents to NOT be living in Texas.

  13. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    @ ekthesy, actually if you [NJ] didn’t have the pump attendant laws the cost would probably go up. attendant means less chess of theft by drive off.
    there are so many of those in my city that gas pump signs that used to say ‘cash: please prepay’ now have the ‘cash: please’ part covered up and just say ‘prepay’

    some gas stations end up trying to make up their losses from drive off by charging everyone else a penny or two more

  14. nataku8_e30 says:

    Eh, Houston’s demographics are just like any other major city’s, and most Houstonians are not native Texans. Also, as a liberal upstate New Yorker, transplanted into Texas, I can assure you the rumors as grossly exaggerated (except that everyone really does drive pickup trucks).

  15. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    @catastrophegirl : that should read “less CHANCE of theft”

    [i miss the preview button!]

  16. milk says:

    I’ve lived in Texas for 14 years and have never even been near a desert. You know Texas is the size of many states, right? We span several climates. Personally I’ve lived in the Piney Woods and currently in the Hill Country. Just look up pictures in and around Austin. It’s incredible. The only place I’d leave Austin for is Seattle (for the weather).

    Now Houston, yes, it is a hole. I go there once a year just for the Natural Science Museum.

  17. tz says:

    Maps, self-reported. Updated as the spotters submit them:



  18. Aphex242 says:

    @nataku83: Not EVERYONE. ;) But yeah, I’m in Dallas and it’s fairly liberal, not at all what people expect.

  19. nakedscience says:

    WTH, it’s still $1.95 to $1.99 here in Phoenix, though I did see ONE Circle K at $1.83 which was weiiiiird, because I’m all over the city and no one else is below like $1.93.

  20. nakedscience says:

    Also lol I’m glad I don’t live in Cali.

    • jscott73 says:

      @nakedscience: Is that because you have never been here? The gas station by my house was at $2.15 today and worth every penny to be in Cali, I’ve traveled all over the states and this is the only place I would live, except LA, can’t stand it there, plus the central valley, it’s way too hot and smells like cow most of the time, plus the bay area, overpriced and pretentious.

  21. Matthew Tatum says:

    Its $1.69 here, Arlington,Texas(between Dallas and Fort worth)

  22. Alex Duzik says:

    So far I’m the big winner: $1.65 in Des Moines today.

  23. Brazell says:

    Massachusetts is on the verge of applying the highest gas tax in the country after March, so we’ll have the joy of seeing that gas price be higher than anywhere else.


    • nocar says:

      @MichaelBrazell: Just 19 cents per gallon to fix the roads. With the prices in the chart it would then be 204.5 and still less than LA, Miami, SF and Seattle. $100/year is worth it for better roads, cheaper than having your car fixed after hitting a pothole.

  24. N.RobertMoses says:

    I have seen 1.679 in New Jersey.

  25. savdavid says:

    Why do prices go UP in a recession?

  26. bubby1124 says:

    hmm lucky you guys, it’s $2.17 here in Upstate New York.

  27. ekthesy says:


    That’s an interesting confounding factor I never considered, however, there is plenty of gas-and-dash going on here; the attendant doesn’t memorize your plate numbers…I wouldn’t think that it goes on that much more in the 48 states where you can pump your own. But I wouldn’t put it past the businesses to pre-emptively raise prices.

    What DOES go on here more than anywhere else is robbery of gas station attendants. A 22-year old kid just got murdered a couple weeks ago…these attendants carry huge wads of cash around, presenting an easy target.

  28. Trai_Dep says:

    @Ektheysy, catastrophegirl: Okay. Make that heat and heavily-armed clowns.

  29. Verucalise (Est.February2008) says:

    @MichaelBrazell – I see your bet, and raise you another 20 cents in NY. We hate to be outdone when it comes to taxing.

    @bubby1124 – Where the heck are you in NY, I live in the lower Adirondacks and paid $1.98 in Gloversville.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I always hear people complaining about Houston traffic. I have lived in about a dozen major cities. I live in Houston now. I don’t think the traffic is nearly as bad as I experienced in Seattle, Boston, and several others.

    • Don Roberto says:

      @YasminAerope: It really isnt that bad. When you consider average speeds, I would say it’s better than most cities. I commute 45 minutes to 1 hour every day to work, in traffic, but I also live about 35 miles from the office. If there is no traffic, It’s about 35 minutes. So, yes there are many cars, yes the commutes are long, but no, traffic is not at a standstill… it moves.

  31. tgrwillki says:

    $1.73 this morning in Clemson, SC

  32. mattwiggins says:

    No sympathy. Gas is .78USD a Litre here. That’s $2.99USD a gallon. You americans have it way easier than you realize.

    • so_gracefully says:

      @mattwiggins: About 6-9 months ago, gas was getting up to nearly $5 a gallon. That was not, in fact, easier than anyone realized.

      • mattwiggins says:


        And at that time gas was 5.64USD per gallon here. Gas prices went up everywhere, not just in the states, and believe me, Americans get it cheaper than just about anywhere else.

        • so_gracefully says:

          @mattwiggins: I don’t really see how that means it’s “easy” on people. In fact, I would think you would specifically be able to sympathize, but I guess you are beyond empathy, so excuse me.

  33. nikkimarie says:

    @ terryindtw –

    Detroit or “Detroit” (i.e. the suburbs)?

  34. SWBLOOPERS says:

    For those of us who are red/green colour-blind, would you please choose 2 different colours? Blue and orange, for example?

  35. MoreFunThanToast says:

    The cheapest gas I’ve seen around here are from the stations across from my work.
    It’s been hovering around $2.10 for the past two weeks…
    Most places in L.A. is charging for $2.25 or more

  36. Triterion says:

    2.05 at Costco… 2.25 everywhere else! That’s 20 cents cheaper! Usually its only 10cents cheaper! (Burbank, CA)

  37. chrisjames says:

    $1.80 in Atlanta suburbs. $1.90 near downtown, y’know, where it’s a bit silly to have a car to begin with. In downtown? Hell if I know. I try not to take my car into that Escherian mess.

  38. locakitty says:

    Tucson – $1.80 (give or take a few cents depending on which part of town you’re in)

    Sure, it’s hot in the spring and hotter in the summer, but at least it’s not Phoenix!

  39. MBEmom says:

    Gee, I’m so lucky. Gas in my neck of the woods in Virginia is 173.

  40. KRayGolf says:

    Oh look, gas prices went up San Francisco and Los Angeles… what a freakin surprise… Does this count the extra sales tax that we just got hit with thanks to our ridiculous elected leaders?