Best Buy Goes Above And Beyond To Make Up For Selling Busted Camera As New

Michael is happy to report that he got a really great resolution from Best Buy, who had sold his grandma a broken camera as new and then accused them of breaking it themselves. The shots of Best Buy employees Michael found on the camera, and the repugnant attitude he encountered when they tried to return it and disinterest when he complained to corporate multiple times, only made the story that much juicier. After Micheal’s story went up on Consumerist and hit Digg, Best Buy contacted him. Here’s what they did to make nice:

* Formal letter of apology (you never see these! this is amazing)
* Refunded the stop-payment charge for the check
* General Manager let Michael’s son pick out any camera in the store he wanted
* Manager threw in a bag and memory cards
* And a $35 gift-certificate

I’d call that an unqualified success! Leveraging your true story to the internet wins again.

Above And Beyond [101 Dead Armadillos]
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