18 million is the number of square feet of retail space vacated by Circuit City. Yikes. [Consumer Reports]


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  1. dragonfire81 says:

    Let’s hope that square footage gets put to something useful beyond being new canvas for graffiti artists all over the country.

  2. thebluepill says:

    18 Million Square Feet..

    Turn those in to Combo Homeless Shelters with Free Clinics and Food Kitchens and you could make one hell of a dent in homelessness and healthcare in locations that probably need it most.


    Convert them all to State-of-the-art Indoor Showrooms for China’s “First Auto Works” and take over the cheap car market!! Woot!

    • Erwos says:

      @thebluepill: It’s pretty clear you haven’t though this one through. Where’s the money coming from? What mall owner in their right mind would ever let a homeless shelter operate in their mall? Would the people living nearby even let them do this if they were insane enough to want to?

    • Anonymous says:


      One of my friends lives overseas and does send me the occasional video DVD-R. Now and then he goes to the car shows but it’s more along the lines of less about the vehicles and more about the fashions worn by the models showcasing the vehicles.


      But then I also have an interest in fashion design using alternative materials (latex rubber, PVC, spandex, metallics, etc.). Shiny new vehicles are nice but models in alluring shiny and sparkly attire? Mmmmm… ;-)

      I was thinking about converting the square footage of those defunct CC stores into fetish-oriented hotspots. You’d be surprised at what a large target demographic “kink” is. And, surprisingly (with the exception going to the owner and associates of “Rubber Events International”) most of the kinksters are intelligent, law-abiding, gentle consenting adults. They’re much more shinier than the rest of the population, though. ;)


  3. Jevia says:

    There is a large shopping center near where I used to live that held a Circuit City, a Linens N Things and a Oskar Hubar Furniture store (that also is in bankruptcy/close out). The shopping center is in terrible location, imo. You can see it from the freeway, but its very easy to bypass the surface street that leads to it unless you intend to go to the shopping center. Thus, I’m not surprised that 3 of the 6 big stores in that center (the others are a Barnes and Noble, a Petco and a grocery store) all went out of business.

  4. ViperBorg says:


  5. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    @thebluepill: And that will get funded…how? Not saying it’s not a great idea, but it’s not as simple as “lots of space, let’s move in” – it takes a lot of money to power the space the average CC took up, and a lot more to staff it and make it work. I’d like to see something like this happen, but it doesn’t seem likely.

  6. CaptZ says:

    Here in Dallas-Ft Worth, rumor has it that WalMart will be picking up a number of the closed CC locations in the area for new Walmart Neighborhood Store locations.

    If you don’t already have them in your area, they are smaller than normal grocery only stores. Normally about 50%-75% the size of a Kroger or Tom Thumb.

  7. Zclyh3 says:

    Is it me of the link doesn’t work?

  8. Coles_Law says:

    No wonder I couldn’t find any salespeople-they had 18 million square feet to hide in!