Fox News reports that there are now bread lines in Southern California. Still no word yet on the reappearance of tin can fires. [Fox News]


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  1. HurfDurf says:

    Damn. Well, nothing wrong with free bread!

  2. krispykrink says:

    Considering it costs at least $5 for a loaf of real bread, with real volume that doesn’t fall apart when you touch it, I’d get in line for some free bread too.

  3. Alex Hurston says:

    Free bread is free bread. I’m down for it.

  4. Homerjay loves stars. :) says:

    FYI: Discarded pizza boxes are an excellent source of cheese.

  5. macinjosh says:
  6. MarleneMops says:

    This is what happens when Communism marches in and everybody has to have the same share of everything; suddenly people have to wait in line for food and in East Germany it was also cars. Sounds like a party I don’t want to be a part of.

    • Mike Turner says:


      Wow Intellectual dishonesty at its finest, or the end product of home schooling. Take your pick. The lines in East Germany was because there was nothing on the store shelves, and the people in California cannot afford to buy bread at the store.

      • catnapped says:

        @Mike Turner: Shorter MarleneMops:

        “GET A JOB YOU LAZY LEECHES!!!!!!!”

        • speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

          @catnapped: When all you have is a hammer, every Republican looks like a nail?

          I think MarleneMops ascribes the trouble in Southern Cali to redistributive policies that fail to redistribute adequately. I’m not saying I agree–in fact I disagree, but I won’t go into that here; I think Mike Turner is right–but gee, cat, it sure would be nice if you upped the tone, insightfulness, and intelligence of criticism around here, instead of tossing off non-sequiturs.

      • speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

        @Mike Turner: And as for you, if you have documented proof that home schooling by itself, as opposed to home schooling that is an adjunct to religious child abuse, produces stupid children, you’re invited to produce the evidence. Now.

    • weave says:

      @MarleneMops: Bread lines in communist countries were from people who had money but there were product shortages due to government price controls on the products.

      The lines in communist countries are similar to what happened in 1973 when Nixon put price controls on gasoline and we ended up with gas lines.

      It’s not the same thing at all as what is happening in California. Those people have no money, but there’s not a shortage of bread itself.

  7. Possinator says:

    Free bread as in doughnuts? Free doughnuts…count me in!

  8. rpm773 says:

    I hear there are jobs working the rich farmland of Oklahoma for the people of California looking for a little dignity.

  9. madanthony says:

    I find it hard to believe that this is the first time since the great depression that 1) a charity has been handing out free bread and 2) there have been more than one person at a time wanting free bread, thus causing a line to form.

    Yes, the economy is in a slump, but the media seems to be going out of it’s way to find parallels to the Great Depression.

    • SchuylerH says:

      @madanthony: Exactly. It’s the Salvation Army; they were handing out food years ago when I was volunteering at our local branch and saw a warehouse of canned goods and, yes, bread. I assume it’s the same kind of deal, and maybe there are some people in the line who weren’t there a few years ago, but the fact that there are people who are poor and hungry and that they have to wait in line for food isn’t really a sign of Depression-era destitution.

      (Of course, all this ignores the fact that there are people in this country who need to stand in line for food, but that’s another discussion…)

    • bohemian says:

      @madanthony: Things sucked so bad in the late 80’s in South Dakota, when they gave out govt. cheese there was a massive line. This was the same year that 275 people showed up to apply for 10 jobs at a Taco Johns (like Taco Bell). There were no freaking jobs,even crappy ones.
      Those two factors were enough. I appealed to the pity of some relatives and moved to civilization.

    • Mr. Gunn says:

      madanthony: It’s FOX, what do you expect? I’m surprised they didn’t splice depression footage into the newsreel.

      Seriously, I’m in San Diego, and there’s always tons of homeless people. They didn’t all show up at once in November.

  10. RodAox says:

    if you compare this to socialism you are not well educated or lack the rails for a train let alone the train of thought. Why are people considering fox as a news source is beyond me…

  11. N.RobertMoses says:


    America has lost it’s freedom. All art is censored. The government controls us all. To keep us from mass uprising, they give us sensationalized brutality in the form of shows like “Climbing For Dollars”, “The Hate Boat”, “Confess”, “Captain Freedom’s Workout” and the most popular show on the air… “THE RUNNING MAN”!

  12. Ananelle says:

    This is completely sensationalist. I know the economy is bad, and there’s a good chance the lines have gotten bigger.
    However, about 4 years ago I worked for a food pantry in a small upstate NY town.
    We had lines. Lots of lines.
    There was a constant threat of running out of food because we had so many people who needed it. “The poor” are not new. People are just starting to take notice because it *could* be one of them someday.
    Oh, and it sells.

    • speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

      @Ananelle: Fox News, go figure, the worst and slimiest propagandists in media. If they said it was raining, I would go outside to check.

  13. Johnny Cache says:

    Of course they’re in the bread line,they know that” The cake is a lie”!

  14. LintySoul says:

    Well, eventually we’ll just have to start dining on bankers and CEOs

  15. ShortBus says:

    A “bread line” of days gone by was caused by a shortage of foodstuffs, even when people had money and were willing to pay for it. Last I checked, flour and yeast were still readily available. Americans will stand in line for almost anything that’s free; that was true in the “roaring 90’s” as well. But if it bleeds (hearts), it leads, I guess.

    • orlo says:

      @ShortBus: You’re thinking of the Soviet bread lines. Capitalist American bread lines have always been for people who couldn’t afford the bread.

  16. chuck0008 says:

    I like how it’s the Salvation Army. Where is the crowd of “I don’t donate to the Salvation Army because they are a church whose beliefs preclude endorsing homosexuality”? I wonder if the people standing in line to feed their children would be overjoyed to know that someone’s moral indignation might be standing in the way of their getting more, or getting it faster (since I’d be willing to bet these same anti-SAs aren’t willing to volunteer their time either). Specifically, I love how being a Christian charity entitles everyone else to try to dictate to you how you run your church and what you are allowed to believe, or at least what you are allowed to tell people you believe.

    • JulesNoctambule says:

      @chuck0008: The place where my family donates goods gives out food without a side helping of homophobia despite being a religious organization. Funny how that can work!

      • chuck0008 says:

        @JulesNoctambule: Of all of the interactions I’ve had with the Salvation Army, I’ve never seen them speak out against homosexuality. Their statement of beliefs just includes it. It would be one thing if they used the kettle donations to support Prop 8 or something, or adopted “Feed the Hungry, Hate the Fags” as their slogan or something. It’s ok though. I don’t deny anyone their free practice of self-righteousness. Oh, also, you say your local charity is a religious organization, but that is extremely vague. Could be Methodist for all I know. Or Scientologist.

    • speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

      @chuck0008: Years ago when I was a homeless woman escaping an an abusive husband, I was a client of the Salvation Army.

      Without going into what happened, let’s just say they’ll never see one thin dime of my money, ever, even if they were the ONLY charity left standing.

  17. windycitygirl68 says:

    So right, Short Bus.

    Ben Stein was on CBS News this morning with an interesting thought: on a positive note, 92% of us ARE employed, and 90% of us ARE making our mortgage payments. I think Ben is right on this one…a few positive words from Obama or Bernanke would go a long way. []

    • bohemian says:

      @windycitygirl68: Telling us that were not all falling into the abyss doesn’t sell air time.

      I try to be a glass half full type of person about it. This current mess has created some huge opportunities. We just need to act on it and get things rolling. The sooner we do the sooner more jobs come back.

      Honestly the people I hear wailing about doom and gloom the most are the die hard Rush Limbaugh Republicans.

    • orlo says:

      @windycitygirl68: Here you go: Mission Accomplished. Do you feel better?

  18. SinisterBark says:

    I wonder if they would be reporting this if McCain had won?

  19. papahoth says:

    “We are not in a recession.” — GWB April, 2008
    “The tax cuts are working.” — GWB, meaning times before 2008.

  20. DillonSketch says:

    I had a similar situation. My g/f wanted to buy me a blackberry bold for Christmas. She was willing to pay $550 for it in the ATT store. They would not sell it to her w/o a new contract even though she wanted to pay the unsubsidized price. She ended up buying one of of scambay, and the phone was stolen…

  21. Anonymous says:


    Maybe I’m missing something in the comments.

    I periodically work the local food pantry, helping to bag/distribute bags of free non-perishables. The lines are getting longer, the shelves are becoming more bare sooner than normal.

    So what’s the deal here? We’re in a rough economic situation in the country, and we have people in this country that don’t have enough to eat. How is this political?

  22. Trai_Dep says:

    Well, it would be cheaper if you stayed at home and baked it yourself.
    Oh. Wait.

  23. Johnny Cache says:

    You know what’s cool…when you hit page 2 and it take’s you back to page 1 . Why does this happen at least once a week? Suckage.

  24. Repique says:

    It’s free. Look at the enormous lines over the $.23 pizza at Papa John’s awhile back. Nobody *needed* that pizza. They just wanted it because of its perceived value, and they were willing to wait ridiculous lengths of time to get it.

    Similarly, there’s a big difference between a line of people waiting for free bread because hey, free stuff… and a line of people waiting for free bread because they’re not going to eat tonight otherwise. It would have been nice if the author of this article had made some effort, *any* effort to determine which this really was.

  25. emt888 says:

    “Still no word yet on the reappearance of tin can fires.”

    I was in Santa Barbara last March and when I drove past a park one night, there was a group of hobos standing around a fire in a garbage can.

  26. Kero says:

    News Flash: Fox discovers food banks. Maybe if the hypocrites had gone to church once in the last 30 years they’d have discovered that many churches in just about every city in America has a food bank and business has been good even in the boom times.

  27. Liz11685 says:

    I just bought bread last week in San Diego County for 89 cents. I don’t really think people can’t spare the dollar for bread.

  28. S-the-K says:

    Since this is Southern California, I’m sure it isn’t Wonder Bread lines. I’m sure it’s organic whole wheat artisan bread lines. I’m not a bread connoisseur, so I don’t know what the most pretentious kind of bread is but I’m sure that’s what they serve in SoCal bread lines.

    To paraphrase a line from “Futurama”, You’re never too rich for a free loaf of bread.

  29. nakedscience says:

    LOL windycitygirl68, you are listening to what BEN STEIN says? LOL.

    Why are comments still b0rked?

  30. pollyannacowgirl says:

    Hey, if you keep an eye out on all the supermarket circulars, you can get a good deal once in a while. I bagged Matthew’s bread for $1.99 per loaf (It’s usually $3.99) and put it in the freezer. Other quality brands go on sale, too. You just have to be willing to look around and shop around. Of course I’m in NYC, where the only cost is shoe leather.

  31. Johnny Cache says:

    @ Nate128…
    I never thought I’d see the day that I’d type that phrase.

    Couldn’t stop myself. *snicker*

  32. ThePlaz says:

    NBC Nightly News on Mon March 9, 2009 showed a camp site with a tin can fire.