Baymont Inn Doubles Their Prices, Tries To Charge You $2,000 After You Refuse

The Baymont Inn in Salt Lake City quoted Ryan a price of $739 for his stay, but when he arrived, the hotel manager claimed the rate was $1,400. The manager refused to lower the price, even after a desk clerk verified that Ryan had been offered the $739 rate. The manager finally relented after telling Ryan that the hotel would recoup the loss by taking the difference out of the clerk’s salary. Two days after Ryan checked out, he discovered that the manager had tried to charge over $2,000 to his credit card.

Ryan writes:

I just wanted to warn people against staying at the Baymont Inn on 2080 West North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT.

They quoted me $739 plus tax on four occasions by three employees before I arrived. When I went to check out they tried to charge me $1400 almost double what the told me the price would be. When I said that is unfair and if I did that in my engineering firm the manager than began to demean me as not being smart enough to be worth his time because I was a lowly mechanical engineer not a computer science major. The employee (Sloan) that originally quoted $739 was right there and told the manager that I was telling the truth, The manager (Mohammed) then told me I was a lying and that he would not honor what his employees told me. During this time he was very hostile to me and tried to guilt me into paying the $1400 by telling me he was going to take it out of the employees (Sloan’s) pay. I told him that is not my concern he could do as he pleased.

I than told him if he tried to charge me anything more than I was quoted I would issue a charge back on my credit card and he could fight with them. After some more ranting about how I evidently don’t understand math since I only have a masters in Mechanical Engineering he agreed to a charge of $760 plus tax, which came out to $860. Once I left I called Baymont Corporate to complain since I wanted it in there before he tried to charge me damage’s in order to make his money back. Once I got home checked my credit card holds and he had tried to charge me over $2000 over four different holds including one that was initiated 2 days after I checked out. I called Baymont Corporate again to complain and the next business day all the charges were removed, and a day later the agreed upon amount was charged. While I did end up paying more than was agreed upon before at least I got it close. If I had been someone who was afraid of conflict or somone who could be bullied he would have succeded in charging me 200% of what was quoted. This whole argument took place in the middle of the lobby and took nearly an hour of him trying to bully me into paying.

I just want to warn people not to stay at this hotel. I also will not be staying at any Baymont Inn / Windham Hotel owned property again. This is not how I wanted to spend the last morning of my ski trip. Also I just wanted to remind people to always get the quotes in writing, since that would have made proving the price quoted easier. Think you guys are doing a great job keep it up.

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