Losing 32lbs In 6 Weeks. Just 68 To Go

Consumerist reader Tyler weighed 344 pounds and is trying to lose 100 of them. So far he’s lost 32 in 6 weeks. Here are some of his secrets:

  • Burn more calories than you take in
  • Drink water all day
  • Moderate, not eliminate – it’s ok to eat “bad” things, just in small amounts
  • Make gym mandatory
  • Have fun with your body once it gets better – play some sports, go dancing, run with the dog!
  • Eat wheat instead of white bread
  • Keep increasing your workout intensity
  • Avoid mirrors
  • Tell people about your weight loss

Way to go Tyler! He’s documenting his journey on a blog, and donating $3 for every pound he loses to a charity that fights childhood obesity. Follow along and get inspired at 344pounds.com.

How I Lost 32 Pounds in 6 Weeks [344Pounds]

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