Morning Deals

  • [Winter clothes] 50% off everything North Face
  • Ann Taylor Loft: [Sweater] Petite Scoopneck Cable Sweater for $14.99
  • Amazon: [Video Game] Fallout 3 for PS3 for $34.98 Shipped

Highlights From Buxr

  • Fedex Kinkos: [Printing] FREE 25 Resumes Printed on High Quality Paper
  • Amazon: [DVD] The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection for $24.99 + Shipping
  • AT&T Wireless: [Cellphone] Nokia 2610 GoPhone® (Refurbished) for $9.99 w/ Free shipping

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Old Navy: [Clothing] Apparel Basics up to 50%+ off
  • Newegg: [DVD] Philips HD Upscaling DivX DVD Player $50 Shipped
  • Meritline: [Lights] LED Bicycle Headlight & Tail Light Kit $5 Shipped

Highlights From Dealnews

  • MacMall: [Computer] New Apple Mac mini Core 2 Duo 2GHz Desktops from $569 + $0 s&h after rebates
  • Shop4Tech: [Gadget] iTheater Wireless Video Eyewear for $101 + free shipping
  • JR: [Laptop] Toshiba Satellite Sempron 2GHz 15″ Laptop for $400 + free shipping

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  1. oneandone says:

    Oh, Ann Taylor Loft – I enjoy your sweaters, but am not petite. Though it looks like there’s a lot of other things on sale….. perhaps one day you will have a ‘giant tall lady’ section.

  2. Festivus says:

    Amazon is selling the Seinfeld Complete Collection today for $99.99 (60% off) as their Gold Box deal of the day. That’s $80 less than yesterday’s price according to CamelCamelCamel. []

  3. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I know this isn’t the place for it…but is anyone having problems replying to comments? I had problems logging in but now I can’t reply. I can post, apparently, but not reply to comments.

    I think the petite Ann Taylor sweater also comes in “regular” I will only buy petite if absolutely necessary, but I like Ann Taylor.

  4. shepd says:

    BTW: Having owned a similar product to the iTheatre (The Olympus eyetrek) I would strongly suggest trying them out before you buy.

    Most people who have worn mine call them “puke goggles”. It is difficult to describe, but unless the things are absolutely immersive (and these don’t appear to be) you will feel like you’ve lost your balance while using them, unless you are in a pitch black room.

    Personally, I’ve gotten used to this, but I tried driving a few minutes after wearing them once. Never again!

    That, and check the resolution. If it is listed in pixels, you may have to divide by 3, since they will often add in red/blue/green “pixels” separately. To get the resolution, divide by the aspect ratio (4:3 -> 1.3333, 16:9 -> 1.7777) and take the square root to get the pixel height, and do the same thing, but multiplying to get the pixel width. If you have a resolution height lower than ~300 pixels the image will look significantly worse than what comes out of your VCR.

    Mine have all those bad points, but I still love the things. I don’t use them all that often anymore, but they were absolutely awesome for gaming (even if the image did suck), although gaming is even more intensely puke-tastic (I got used to it, but some of my friends couldn’t last more than 5 minutes).

  5. zigziggityzoo says:

    Wow. Those iTheaters are like THE FUTURE! They also suck horribly. The resolution is horrible. It’s like watching an iPod screen only shoved closer to your face.

    • noone1569 says:

      @zigziggityzoo: I beta tested some from an article on gizmodo. Those were awesome, and I would have kept them save the 399$ special beta tester price. They weren’t iTheaters . . some german brand with amazing resolution and sound . . .

      • zigziggityzoo says:

        @noone1569: Hopefully they were better than the iTheater’s. These have a resolution that’s about half of DVD quality. One can easily discern the red, green, and blue bars that make up each pixel. It’s horrible.

  6. nakedscience says:

    Yes, pecan 3.14159265, commenting seems to be messed up. Whenever I click the “reply to” button/link, it just pops me to the top of the page, and the “profile” link etc. is nowhere to be seen up there, either. Somethin’ is up.

  7. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    Nope. Reply function still isn’t working. I bet Comcast is behind this.

  8. Murph1908 says:

    Interesting deal from Kinkos. But it begs the questions:

    Does anyone send paper resumes any more? Most companies now require you to apply for a specific position, so the random ‘resume to every company I want to work for’ technique is less effective than it was when I was doing it. In addition, many prefer you apply online, as it’s better for their applicant tracking, and self-id for EEO purposes.

    Do they plan to make up the cost of the promotion in the good envelopes? I’d imagine the envelopes will come in boxes of at least 50, so you’ll be buying them
    to wrap around your resumes. And if you have to buy 50 of them, might as well buy 25 more resumes, right?

    • nakedscience says:

      @Murph1908: No matter how I sent in a resume for a job opporutnity, I ALWAYS bring in a printed one to the actual first interview.

  9. uɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ_GitEmSteveDave says:

    Those taillights are AWESOME if you go walking or anything along the road/trail/backpacking. You’ll be seen a lot sooner than even with reflective stuff. I speak from experience. I know I’m picking up a set.

  10. oneandone says:

    @nakedscience – same here. But only this article, I think.

    @Murph1908 – perhaps Kinkos is targetting people who would deliver their resumes in person? It’s good to have them on hand for job fairs and extras for interviews. Though I agree – online resumes are a lot more common.

    I’ve put resumes on ‘good’ paper a few times, but never felt it was essential (in my field). I’m more concerned about text layout and proofreading. And in some companies, the high quality paper might be a bit too fancypants. Though you can never go wrong with high quality printinng .. and now that I think of it, that might be the benefit of the Kinkos promotion. I would not want to print resumes on my crotchety & smudgy inkjet at home.

  11. nakedscience says:

    Yeah, a glitch that can’t be fixed…deleting the # doesn’t do anything; as soon as I hit the reply link, it comes back. Consumerist needs better programmers :(

  12. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    @nakedscience – I print my resume too, especially if it’s changed in the time since I sent the resume to the time I get called for an interview.

    @GitEmSteveDave – taking off the # doesn’t do anything as far as the reply function goes because the link to the reply function includes the #…unless there’s a way for users to modify that so they aren’t being sent back to the top of the page.

    And also, why is it affecting Consumerist if it isn’t part of the gawker network anymore?

  13. logicalnoise says:

    I’d pass on the phillips player, I own one of their upscaling dvd players and teh damn things don’t reckonize proper AR they just stretch everything. SO an anamorphic dvd plays fine but any non WS TV dvds look terrible.

    • uɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ_GitEmSteveDave says:

      @logicalnoise: Did you try adjusting the settings? My mom has a TV that likes to auto select the AR, and does it wrong sometimes. You just select the right one in the settings

  14. scootinger says:

    Shame on Consumerist for linking to a Meritline “deal” in their post. Meritline blatantly FUCKS OVER their affiliates, and screwed me out of a good amount of affiliate commission personally. Stay away from them!

  15. nakedscience says:

    pecan 3.14159265 , I’ve noticed some things are still connected or whatever to the Gawker network. I tried to sign in using this username with Gawker itself, and it wouldn’t let me, but it also wouldn’t let me create a new account with Gawker with this name — it said it was already in use. Which it is HERE, but not on the Gawker sites. Something tells me some of their stuff is still connected.

  16. Murph1908 says:

    Ahh. Excellent point.

    Been at the same job for the past 9 years. Didn’t think about that.

  17. bluewyvern says:

    My money would like you to stop posting clothing deals. Thank you.