Comcast Fixes Customer's Modem Problem After Stinky Installer Man Disappears

Earlier today, Jessica wrote to us about her Comcast horror story: there was something that smelled terrible, and the smell was coming from inside her apartment! He also hooked up her replacement modem incorrectly, so it still didn’t work, then said he’d be right back and drove off forever. Luckily, she was able to steal enough wifi to send an email to Comcast, and as of now the problem has been resolved.

First, here are some more details on what happened earlier today. Based on this new info, we’re not even sure if the installer was a real person or a ghost—some horrible memory of former Comcast workers who randomly shows up to stench-up your place, then leaves things in a worse state than before. Or he’s just incompetent, take your pick.

About a month ago I added Comcast digital voice to my cable and internet, because I have no cell phone reception at my apartment. I received an EMTA modem. last weekend, the modem decided to quit, leaving me with no phone or internet.

My nightmare began this morning, when a technician was supposed to come out and do a routine switchout of my EMTA modem for a new one.

First off, right when he walked in, he smelled so badly that it was overwhelming!! I had to go to the other room because the smell was just overpowering. Next, he had on really muddy boots. I thought to myself “i’m sure he’ll take those off before he walks in”… but nope! he proceeds to stomp across my living room to my modem, leaving a TRAIL of muddy boot prints. If i had tile, it would be ok, i could just mop it up. But I have carpet. there are little chunks of mud in my carpet.

I could tell right away that he was having trouble fixing it. after a very long time, he managed to get internet some how, although he told me he could not fix my phone service or get dial tone. He said that his supervisor told him that the phone I received from Comcast is bad, and that I couldn’t do anything else but call Sales and have them replace my phone. He still couldnt get me any dial tone, so he said “i’ll be right back”. He left, and i was horrified to see him get in the van and drive off!! I didnt get any paperwork, or any receipt. When he told me he coldn’t fix it and I had to call Comcast, I said “i can’t. I have no reception, that’s why i need the phone!!” and he actually said to me “oh. that SUCKS”. and then that’s when he said I’ll be right back and left for good!!

I immediately drove somewhere with reception and called comcast. They said they had never heard of such a thing as their phones being bad, and one woman apologized and said she’d escalate it and call me right back. I got no call back. I called back and was transferred all over the country until someone decided to help me and again they were nice and apologized and said they would escalate the problem, and in the meantime that he’d reset the modem, but he accidentally hung up on me and… that was that.

I came back home, and was so frustrated and when I looked at the modem I saw that the technician hooked it up wrong! So after i RE-hooked it up I got a dial tone, but STILL no internet. I called Comcast AGAIN and again someone tried to help me but he said he couldn’t get my internet online because the work order was put in wrong and it was not letting him get me back online. He put me on hold and AGAIN i got hung up on.

It’s been 6 hours, and… i have been on the phone with comcast for all 6 hours. and still… NO internet. NO one will help me! And i don’t even know the name of the guy who came, didn’t fix anything, and left mud all over my carpet!!!!

I am so frustrated… I’ve always had GREAT service with comcast and I’m not sure what changed today.

Pleaaase help me. I’ve been hung up on 3 times today, and told twice that they would escalate the situation right away and call me back, but no call back.

Jessica sent us one final email which we were very happy to read: apparently within minutes of sending the above email, Mr. Eliason called her back and resolved everything.

Frank personally called me within 5 minutes, and was able to immediately fix my internet – and get my modem back on line — something i’ve been trying to do for 6 hours over the phone! He also gave me contact information for his team and is going to make sure that I get compensated for today.

Thanks to you guys at consumerist, and Thank you to Frank and his team!

Still no word about that installer, however; we really do think maybe he’s haunting Comcast customers.

If you have a problem with your Comcast that can’t be resolved through normal channels, reach out to Frank Eliason on his Twitter account.

(Photo: piccadillywilson)