Citibank Launches iPhone Version Of Mobile App

Okay, all you iPhone dorks, Citi’s just released an easy way for you to keep track of your account balances while you’re running around pinching things bigger and smaller with your heavily patented gestures. Don’t worry, ugly phone owners, they’ve got other mobile versions too.

Unfortunately, the iPhone zoom function probably won’t work on your checking balance, but we have used an earlier version of the app on a couple of Nokia phones, and it was definitely convenient to have immediate access to your account info no matter where you are. (Assuming you’re somewhere where there’s 2G/3G access, of course.)

“Citibank Launches Dedicated iPhone Application” [Netbanker]
Citibank Mobile App []


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  1. ViperBorg says:

    Would be useful if I had Citibank. But no, thank God, I don’t.

  2. Mr_D says:

    Funny, Chase, Capital One, and American Express have had a version of this application for a while. It’s called Mint.

    • Beerad says:

      @Mr_D: Oh, I was under the impression that Mint was a third-party company that you had to provide all of your account information to in order to use. I didn’t realize it was a direct application with the bank.

  3. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    How secure is this, really?

  4. dohtem says:

    Why do these guys continue snub us Blackberry users?! We are a nice bunch really.

  5. Captain Slow and his Flying Washing Machine says:

    Maybe Citibank can track their own finances now.

    Yay bailout!

  6. deejaypopnfresh says:

    uh oh? did you say heavily patented gestures? does that mean that acer is in trouble for putting that kind of function on their touchpads?

  7. Jnetty says:

    Finally. I been waiting for this from Citibank.

  8. Chongo says:

    Does this also work on iPod Touch?

  9. INsano says:

    Great! What kind of stock-monitoring applications do they have to watch the Flash animation of Citi’s stock price from $55.12 to it’s current $1.13?

  10. Munchie says:

    Seems like Chris has an issue with iPhones. Is he jelous he does not have one?

    • Chris Walters says:

      @Munchie: Yes and no. I recently bought a Nokia 5800, their touchscreen phone, and the lack of decent apps for it has made me finally admit that I’m going to have to jump to the iPhone if I want a decent app ecosystem. On the down side, the iPhone can’t multitask, its camera is laughable, and it’s far more locked down than Symbian.

      Oh wait, you were just kidding? I am a phone nerd.

  11. k4ffy says:

    uhh why does this app ask to use my current location??

  12. West Coast Secessionist says:

    Too bad Citibank sucks ass. I dumped them in January. I hope they FAIL. Well, wishful thinking since they’re “too big to fail.” Too bad they’re not also “Too big to suck ass.”

  13. loueloui says:

    I heard you get one share of Citibank free with each purchase.

  14. Ramzilla says:

    Iphones suck. Windows Mobile powered or not at all.