Man Sues Walmart After Being Bitten By Snake, But Keeps Going Back For The Deals

Ah, the irresistable pull of bargains! A man in Florida is suing Walmart because he was bitten by a pygmy rattler while shopping in the garden center in 2008. His is the third such attack in a Walmart in Florida since 2006, and he’s claiming the retailer should have taken better steps to prevent rattler bites after the first two attacks. Our favorite detail, though, is that he won’t stop going to Walmart, because “their prices are too good to shop elsewhere.”

Florida Conservation writes that the pygmy rattlesnake is common throughout all of Florida, and that its rattle “is small and slender and produces a sound like the buzzing of an insect.” The rattle is fairly quiet, too, and can only be heard from a few feet away. Also of note, although Florida Conservation overlooks this, is that the pygmy rattler loves bargains. What this all means is that if you ever hear an insect sound in a Walmart, you should overturn your cart (for a distraction) and run screaming.

Oh, and yes it’s venomous and feisty, but “its bite produces pain and swelling which usually subsides in a few days,” and no deaths have been recorded—which is actually more than we can say for attacks by humans at a Walmart.

“Florida Man Sues Wal-Mart Over In-Store Snake Attack” [Fox News]
(Photos: Clean Wal-Mart, zieak, crd!, kawanet)

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