Circuit City Liquidation Price VS Reality

Reader Kenneth stopped by his local post-apocalyptic Circuit City for an evening of bargain hunting. Was he successful, you ask? No, sadly Kenneth did not bag his limit of deals and return home happy. Instead, he found a $30 6′ USB cable.

Kenneth says:

So, I decided to take a look at my almost-closed circuit city last night for some super deals. I get here and I’m quite disappointed. Please look at the attached picture.

A Standard 6 foot USB A – B cable. No box. No anything. In a zip lock bag. Listed for $30.59. After liquidation discounts.

Hey, let’s see what Monoprice charges for this beauty. Cables… USB… A – B…. Wait, does that say… $1.10?


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  1. aerick79 says:

    It’s one of those Monster Cables. They should go out of business too.

  2. chrisjames says:

    Best Buy’s cheapest price (non-Monster even) is $29 for 6′, $26 for 4′, maybe at best half that if I could do a more in-depth search. Walmart is $15, and Frys is $8 (admittedly poor searches, but you see the difference).

    Best Buy and the late Circuit City may not be the greatest examples of pricing around, but neither is Monoprice, being in a class of its own. A golden, ecstasy laced class of its own.

    • shepd says:


      I always consider a cable overpriced if I can buy the individual components and build a (better) one myself for less. With today’s automation and lower pricing in (industrial) bulk quantities, that should not be possible.

      However, in most cases, it is possible. So I either try to find it cheaper online, or, barring that, just go ahead and build it. Most cables are incredibly easy to build (Network, Phone, composite, coax, component, audio, svideo, and, for the adventurous: IDE, Floppy, VGA, Serial and Parallel). Yes, I’ve made all those, they aren’t really that hard.

      • kingofmars says:

        @shepd: have you ever made HDMI cables yourself? I’m curious as to how difficult those are to make. One benefit you didn’t mention was that handmade cables can be the exact right length. That’s more important than having gold plated fiber optic cable(I’ve actually seen these).

        • shepd says:


          HDMI might be a bit tougher (as would be SATA), but I’m sure there’s a way to buy either a solderable connector or a crimpable connector. I’ve never done one because I’ve not found the need to do it yet. :)

          I do see these, but I bet they’re a rip off. I’ll wait until China counterfeits them:


          For SATA, you can buy SMT male and female sockets, so you can build your own (ugly!) cables still. But I don’t know what the specs for the wire are, so that’d be a guessing game. If you’re worried about SMT soldering, you can pick up an iron and tips plenty fine enough for just over $100. I personally love Hakko and hate Weller, which complicates things because over here almost nobody sells Hakko stuff, it’s usually Weller or bust. I’d give an arm and a leg to get my Hakko 911/941 back. It was a modchip installers dream tool, trust me! :)

          Length is important, although it becomes less important when you build cables from the right things (eg: VGA cables look great at 10 ft+ if you use RG-59 or RG-179/U [RG-6 is generally a waste of money for VGA, 150 or so Mhz is usually the top signal rate]). And I got a free gold-plated fibre optic cable from a distributor of ours once. :D I never bothered to sell them.

          Hmmm, I guess I can add fibre optic and BNC-ended cables to the list of self-made cables as well.

    • bender123 says:


      I was installing a new SATA drive in my mother in law’s computer and needed a single SATA cable…I wanted it done quick, so checked Best Buy…19.99 for the Geek Squad store brand.

      I called her back and told her to live without the PC for 3 days. Monoprice 2.95 total.

      • bearymore says:


        I had a similar experience with Best Buy. Instead, I went to the local independent computer shop three blocks away and got one for less than $3.00.

        Never buy a cable from a big box store — they are ripoffs all — even Costco (6′ hdmi cable $30 compared to $6.61 for a 10 footer I bought from an Amazon marketplace seller).

    • lincolnstein says:

      @chrisjames: Same thing happened to me. I work for an IT consulting company and needed 7 USB cables for one of our clients. The cheapest one they had was $34 BEFORE tax. that is $238 for 7 usb cables.

      That is madness. I talked to a manager there and admitted it was ridiculous but told me that is what it was. Went to walmart and found them for $8 each (which i think is still high, but was doable in this situation).

  3. TheFuzz53 says:

    So the Circuit City cable costs 2678% more than the Monoprice one.

    • Blueskylaw says:



    • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

      @TheFuzz53: That’s for the convenience of being able to drive to the store, fight for parking, walk during the rain, scrounge for it on the shelf, wait in line at the cashier, getting your receipt checked, driving back home…

      Otherwise you’d have to shop in your PJs and wait a reasonably short time for it to be delivered to your doorstep. Oh the horror!

    • JayDeEm says:

      @shepd: I rescued a couple of 100′ Cat5-e cables from the trash at work a couple of years ago and have been chopping them up to build my own network cables ever since. Perfect length every time :)

      For everything else I go to monoprice. There is nothing I can’t wait a couple of days for. When I picked up my external HDD at Costco a couple of weeks back, I priced out an eSata card & cables at Fry’s for about $75. Monoprice had the eSata card, cables (and some velcro wire ties) for about $25… I love them so.

    • Gorphlog says:


      Monoprice also only sells cables so they dont have to make up for margin drain on other items. Also they have little overhead and no rent and a lot fewer employees to pay so they can afford to sell them for cheap

  4. sp00nix says:

    I too found no deals, if anything things were more. A 22″ Acer LCD OPEN BOX, $135. NEW at Micro Center, 129.99.

    I bite my thumb at thee.

    • Mike8813 says:

      @Rollo Tony: Ah… the only phrase I’ve ever remembered from reading Shakespeare in high school. “I bite my thumb at thee”

      He did what? Oh no he didn’t!

    • Outrun1986 says:

      @Rollo Tony: You can get a brand new 22 inch Acer monitor shipped to you free from Newegg for 149.99. No tax to most states as well. The microcenter deal sounds better but I don’t know which monitor it is, but there is one on Newegg for 149.99 now.

    • trunkwontopen says:

      @Rollo Tony: The Circuit city by my house had only 1 LCD TV, it was a 32″ with a damaged bottom corner, so the screen had a visible “tear” on the screen, and they wanted well around $1100 for it.

    • cuchanu says:

      @Rollo Tony: Samsung 1900×1080 w/dvi and vga 22″ at Costco for $179. It’s one of the sexy piano black ones, not the cheap ones.

    • SrsRevo17 says:

      @Rollo Tony: My local CC had some pretty good deals on certain items, and still has a few decent savings. A week ago they had Play & Recharge kits for the 360 for $12. Graphing calculators were 30% off, the TI-84 I bought was cheaper there than anywhere online. Right now they’ve got some Polk PSW125 subwoofers 40% off, which are actually a lot cheaper than online, especially considering shipping alone is $40.
      I’m sure there are more good savings, and ripoffs alike, just depends where you are and what you’re looking at.

  5. Emperor_GitEmSteveDave says:

    But it has “ions” which cause the digital bits to travel faster than light, so they arrive before you send them. Of course, of you tried printing using this cable, you would violate a law of quantum flux foam theory, thus negating existence, so that explains the mark-up.

    • qcgallus says:

      @Emperor_GitEmSteveDave: I think $30.59 is a fair or even cheap price to pay for the ability to crush all matter in existence to a singularity. NEXT TO YOUR PC! Or what was your PC actually.

      • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

        @qcgallus: Next to your future never-existing PC.

        • qcgallus says:

          @Applekid: Come to think of it, we couldn’t get to the speed of light instantly, as there would be significant mass (briefly), so on the acceleration time would literally fly by…and you could shorten work days to a matter of milliseconds!

          Monster Cable 4 lyfe.

    • jedo1507r says:

      @NotStimulated_GitEmSteveDave: In my use, it definitely brightened the room giving it ambience and character not seen with other USB cables. The shielded core kept the ions in line and unexpectedly enhanced my experience with printing the document. I was in heaven, dare I say ecstasy!

      All this for a print job. XD

      • Emperor_GitEmSteveDave says:

        @jedo1507r: I actually bought some 7′ Monster USB cables off Woot! a few Woot!-offs ago, and it literally brightens my room b/c it has a blinking blue light on it to tell you it’s plugged in. While it’s about as useful as Homer’s Everything’s OK alarm, I now have a strobe like nightlight.

    • Dafrety says:

      The rest of the reviews for that are pure gold.

      • qcgallus says:

        @Dafrety: If you lived in Minneapolis, I would buy you a drink for the laughs I got from that. Has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in years, next to the JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s a classic tactic of “liquidation companies”. These idiots are hired by big corporations with promised of returning actual PROFITS on liquidated merchandise. Foolish people are sucked into buying at HIGHER prices than a non-liquidating store down the street. I just witnessed the liquidation manager in a Circuit Shitty store openly dealing out the back door and instructing hesitant employees to get the product out there, not to keep the buyer waiting. Corporate America HATES to sell stuff cheap (it makes consumers question actual value if they heard someone getting a REAL 75% off on the same merch) so they have some possibly “unwritten” rules. One of which is to get in to another retail outlet for pennies on the dollar, but NEVER let the end-user have the same price unless it’s the last unwanted crap in the store. Another is the tactic shown above, hike the price WAY up to the highest price that any USB cable has ever sold for, THEN taking the advertised reduction. I’m sure others have more tactics, the list could go on for days. Caveat Emptor!

    • Anonymous says:


      yeah, actually no. the large liquidators typically evaluate the inventory chain-wide, then give the retailer a flat amount, then sell it maximizing the difference which they then keep OR evaluate the inventory,set a flat price (lower than the amount in the previous scenario) and then sell items to maximize revenue and split it with the retailer in a negotiated percentage.

      I know its trendy here to hate big, bad companies and all but they dont pay these people to come do the work, they sell the entire inventory in essence.

    • wee0x1B says:

      @NewtonAdonis: There’s a thing called the Tinfoil Hat Index. It’s expressed as a ratio of all-capitalized words to normal words in a body of text.

      Your post is dangerously close to getting into “black helicopters are coming to get me” territory…

  7. Fresh-Fest-1986 says:

    HD cable price hiking is one of the few instances where I can’t but help blame the person buying. If you are making these purchases you should have basic knowledge of what you are looking for. A 10 second google search would teach you that these cables from a brick and mortar are horribly overpriced and a scam to recoup losses on peripherals. Pre-Internet I would scream outrage as well. But it is imperative to use your resources to be even an adequate consumer. We are 15 years into mainstream internet usage and even the elderly should have enough grasp by now to conduct a little research.

    • nsv says:

      @Fresh-Fest-1986: Everyone doesn’t have a grasp by now. That’s why they price this way and get away with it.

      My grandmother knew the price of a can of peas in every grocery store for 20 miles in every direction. But if she had to buy something more complicated than a ball point pen, she froze with fear. She’d buy whatever the “nice salesman” told her she needed. The key was that he was nice, you see. If he was nice he’d never try to rip her off, and he must know what he’s talking about because he’s the salesman.

      She had her area of expertise, and technology wasn’t it. In the last few years of her life she wasn’t able to understand the incredible advances that were happening.

      She’d be first in line at a liquidation, because when stores put clothes and food on clearance it’s a good deal, so why wouldn’t tech be a good deal, too?

  8. Robby Andrews says:

    Didn’t we already learn our lesson here about the Circuit City liquidation sale??!? Shattered televisions with no ability to return the darned thing for a refund, percents off that are really a double mark up that is then marked down? Honestly, please, no more of these stories, stop going there people!

  9. sp00nix says:

    PS. I felt bad standing in the store, watching all these people pick up these “deals” and going home with them. I did how ever see people looking at really bad deals, and would say something out loud to the tune of “Look how much this junk is, better off going elsewhere.”

    • tinky XIII says:

      @Rollo Tony: I work at one (for the next nine days) and tell people to go elsewhere all the time. No one likes getting ripped off, and unless you’re a very rude customer, I have no problems directing you to better deals down the street or online.

      • Outrun1986 says:

        @tinky XIII: They are bound to come back to you and complain if they get ripped off despite the fact that the store is closing and there are no returns. So this is a smart move for your sanity. The liquidation manager probably doesn’t like it but if I had to work one of these sales I would probably tell people the same thing for my own sanity. There is no reason to not tell them though, they aren’t going to fire you in the last days, and even if they did you wouldn’t care. If your looking for a new job its not like your new boss is going to call the liquidation manager of previous store you worked at and inform them of what you did, so its not going to have effect on future employment either.

    • drjayphd says:

      @Rollo Tony: On two separate occasions now, I’ve gone to a Circuit City only for a TV station to be doing a story there. You have no idea how tempting it is to tell them about the markups… although that would involve them actually bothering to interview me. -_-

      • Outrun1986 says:

        @drjayphd: Been on the news several times here. Probably at least once on each local news station. The national news did a piece on it as well. The information is out there, it doesn’t require the internet to find.

    • harlock_JDS says:

      @Rollo Tony: well i hit CC when they dropped games and blu ray movies by 40%. Some games i immediately swung around and took to Gamestop and sold at a profit (Super Princess Peach for the DS was 11$ after markdown and i got 26 for it at Gamestop in fact the only reason i got it was i knew it sold for a lot at GS).

      3 days after i went (which was when they first started the 40% off game/blu ray prices)I went back and they were cleaned out.

  10. Mike8813 says:

    Maybe he’s paying a premium for the “Frustration-free packaging”.

  11. MaytagRepairman says:

    I guess they figure they can make a buck off that one person who has been living in a bomb shelter for the last 15 years and doesn’t already have a drawer full of usb cables.

  12. techstar25 says:

    My local CC store has pretty much nothing left but cables. People know better. Lots of HDMI, firewire, USB, RCA, component video, and various iPod connecting cables for $25+, even after 60% off.
    Plus, what was even crazier was that they had some out-of-box, used, car dvd lcd screens and players (the ceiling mount type), for over $200. There were also some GPS units, and car CD changers on the same shelf that looked pretty beat up for upwards of $300. It looked the back of a Goodwill store. Who in their right mind would buy this stuff knowing they can’t test it, and can’t return it?

  13. BuddyHinton says:

    Fools. That’s actually a next generation USC cable. Those normally sell for $100/ft.

  14. pb5000 says:

    The Dollar store near me sells a ton of cables, I just recently bought a 5 foot USB cable there.

    • Jeff asks: "WTF could you possibly have been thinking? says:

      I had one of those that was shorted out right out of the package. Cost me a motherboard and power supply….

  15. jaydez says:

    I have at least half a dozen USB cables that came with various peripherals over the years. They are all still new in the original ziplock bag too! I never knew I was sitting on a [very small] gold mine! Time to go list some on ebay!

    Thanks CC!

  16. SonicMan says:

    I got some great deals there.

    40% off World Of warcraft with Expansion.
    40% off a Projector.

    I did my homework and checked what these things should cost, and at CC it was a great deal.

    • OwenKlient says:

      @SonicMan: Yeah, I managed to find a good deal on a camera– a Canon SX10 for $280. My Internet search didn’t find any for less than $300, so I think I did pretty well.

  17. MeOhMy says:

    My wife stopped by yesterday and picked up a few CDs. I told her to see if they had any turntables. They had a floor model ION USB Turntable….my wife is not familiar with turntable anatomy but she basically said “There is a hole at the end of the tone arm.” They want $75 for it. $75 for a non-working floor model of an item that’s $100 on a bad day? That is either missing the cartridge or (more likely) doesn’t actually have any guts? And I can’t return it if I can’t get it to work?

    I told her to offer them $5. I guess they didn’t go for it.

  18. mbgrabbe says:

    I love Monoprice. Everyone who hasn’t heard of them should go to their website right now to see how awesome they are. We need a lot more companies like them and a lot less like CC and BestBuy.

  19. WiglyWorm must cease and decist says:

    It’s really not fair comparing people to monoprice. Monoprice actually charges what the cables SHOULD cost.

    Though all the same, this late into the game I would expect the cable to go for roughly the same price as a monoprice cable, and not the same price as radioshack or best buy.

    • Outrun1986 says:

      @WiglyWorm: I would expect a store bought cable to cost around 10$, and up for longer ones. The retail store does have to make money, but they don’t have to gouge people. This is a fair price point that is not gouging the customer. The 9$ you would pay by not ordering from monoprice is a conveinience tax.

      But at a liquidation sale I would expect the price to be lower than monoprice, they have to give me a reason to shop at their store, and since they don’t allow returns and are closing, technically the price should be cheaper than monoprice or any other online or retail store that I can buy at. This goes for any item in the store really, it should be priced at THE lowest price out of every option I have available to me. If its not then online I go.

  20. jsbeagle says:

    Thats almost as bad as this
    I found this $57.99 usb cable at an Office Depot liquidation in Cartersville, GA

    Not sure what the current % off was, but even at 90% off its still $5.80!

  21. chatterboxwriting says:

    These liquidation “sales” are BS. Office Depot is going out of business, so I went there with my roommate to look for deals. I found a mousepad for $11, which was supposedly 40% off of the original price (it wasn’t a fancy mousepad with an ergonomic wrist rest, either; it was same one that Wal-Mart sells for like $5). They’re also selling dot matrix printer paper for $38, which is 70% off of the “original” price. I haven’t found any deals at a liquidation sale yet.

  22. Islandkiwi says:

    I’ve stopped in at the local Circuit City every week, and prices have remained the same. At the moment the camera I’m interested in is slightly less that what I would pay at Amazon….but all purchases are final so the savings are not worth the risk.

    Their computers and televisions are still priced lower on Amazon.

    If anyone is going into Circuit City, I strongly advise them to price it. I compare it online with my phone.

    That being said, Circuit City is still selling merchandise at these outrageous prices…so can you blame them if consumers are willing to buy at a stupid price?

  23. says:

    the cable was once touched by a monster cable employee.

  24. Outrun1986 says:

    Whats funny is that I HAVE found USB cables at retail stores cheap, you just have to know how to find them. I found one in a PSP media manager pack, the package was on sale for 1.99. I also found kids 1GB USB flash drives in Target recently for about 3$, they were clearanced with the rest of the toys. Look outside the computer section and you might get yourself some deals.

    You can also get USB cables off freecyle for nothing or probably even craigslist. The dollar store also sells USB cables, and I have used theirs and found them to work fine. Last year I put a bunch of my older ones out at my yard sale for free and no one even took them. Some of my devices wouldn’t work with a USB 1.0 cable only so I had to get some 2.0 compatible ones, I bought them at monoprice for around $1 each and I still have the same cables from a couple years ago and they still work just fine. Monoprice ships very fast too. I have NEVER had a USB cable break on me.

  25. plyhard13 says:

    Last night, I decided there must be some good deals right? No. I did, however, see something fairly astonishing. A lady bought a 1st gen Sony a300 for $400. Good price you say? How about with no box, cables, battery, instructions, warranty? Not even a lens cover. Ah stupid people, they keep the world slowing rotating.

    • Outrun1986 says:

      @plyhard13: Someone bought a first gen 512mb Ipod shuffle off me on ebay for 39.99 before shipping. The total was about 47.99 after shipping. This was last Xmas. Yes it was in the box and it was sealed, but for like 3$ more she could have gotten a 1GB brand new model shuffle for 49.99 in store. Stupid people do keep the economy going.

      • louiedog says:


        I was interested in an auction on ebay once. The highest bid was twenty some dollars. On the auction page, in the description, there was a link to the seller’s non-ebay web store. The item was $15, same shipping, and no need to wait another 3 days for the auction to end. I ended up not bidding.

        Around that same time I sold a DVD. It retailed for $25. I bought it for $12 online, average price was about $18. The store ended up sending me two, I told them I paid for one but they just told me to keep both. I put it up on ebay with a low starting price and it ended up selling for $28. I can’t comprehend not spending 2 minutes to compare prices, especially when shopping online.

        • Outrun1986 says:

          @louiedog: Yeah, I see this all the time on Ebay. I think people just like the frenzy of the bidding war so they pay more money, they want to best someone to get the item for themselves. My Ipod auction was a BIN so there is no excuse there, they could have looked information on that up online. I put it up and it only took a day or 2 to sell too, even at a high price, strange. The Ipod wasn’t mine, I was selling it for a friend who won it in a contest.

          Sometimes I put items up for BIN prices, with a low starting price (you can do both to ensure a sale) and when someone starts bidding and the BIN goes away they end up getting it above the BIN price in the end, at times I have seen things that I was selling go 50$ over the initial BIN.

          I have sold many video games for more than they were worth on ebay, even when you could go to Amazon or Newegg and the same game was in stock with a lower price and free shipping…

  26. Plasmafire says:

    I talked with one of my friends who works at a Circuit City, during their liquidation alone they have a 2.7 million dollar profit going on. What pisses off the workers there is they got informed their store profits are going to pay the exec’s bonuses.

  27. louiedog says:

    It was the same thing at CompUSA when they died. I finally went on the 3rd to last day of the sale. I bagged 2 Xbox360 games that were on par with used ebay prices, but without the hassle. But that was it. Everything else was ridiculous. Display model laptops for a couple hundred more than online prices for new. There was a 32″ LCD hdtv with a broken screen that would need to be replaced. It was almost $600.

  28. Xancharmos Prime says:

    They are available at my local dollar store.

  29. TheName says:

    While the majority of their “deals” were complete horse-puckey, there were good ones to be found. One area store was giving away TiVo HDs for $100 a pop.

  30. centipedex says:

    I wrote a blog entry about how Circuit City’s prices still suck.

  31. asplodzor says:

    Monoprice is excellent, but personally I prefer [] … they always have prices that are at or better than Monoprice’s, and they’re a local shop here a little west of Portland, OR that I’ve been physically going to for years. Simply place the order online, they email you when it’s ready, and you drop by and pick any cable under the sun up.

    I’ve walked away with two longish LAN cables, a 25′ coax cable, a specialty power cable, a USB extension, and several connectors for less than $20.

    • asplodzor says:

      @asplodzor: It’s worth noting for anyone in the area, that they are online order only right now… they used to allow walk-up orders and they will again soon, but not at the moment.

  32. kc2idf says:

    These cables are available in my local dollar store. I’m us{{{ing one]]]] ri\ght now on$%%#$# my kjjjjjjj{{{{{{eyboard.

  33. catnapped says:

    I think most of those leftover cables in the baggies are USED, to boot. And never mind “after discount”, there are NO discounts on those at the one CC I was at this week (you pay whatever’s scribbled on the bag).

    Spent around a half an hour at the store, laughed, then left

  34. XBL: Legend xKWx (Kyle) says:

    I picked up the new prince of persia xbox game and the dark night movie for $40. Pretty good deal considering it would have been $80 otherwise.

  35. UnicornMaster says:

    I hope the liquidators are stuck with hundreds of millions of dollars of inventory left with no one to pay for them. Stuff like this makes me sick.

  36. Saboth says:

    lol USB cables should be like $2-$10. I’d hate to see what they are charging for an hdmi cable. $80? Hell, I buy hdmi cables in amazon all day long for $5-$10, quality ones too.

  37. Yurei says:

    Went to CC a few days ago with a friend while we were shopping around for a wireless router for him. cC had the lynksis G router we had been looking at for $100 after being some such amount off… like 40% or something, I don’t recall. The “you pay” said $100 and some change. That same router was I think $60 at the Best Buy right next door, and $50 at Target a mile down the street in the mall, where we ended up buying it.

    What did they originally mark the router up to at CC at the beginning of the liquidation sale I have to wonder, like $200? Are they nuts or what, for a plain old G frequency router, no frills.

  38. quail says:

    CC and other store liquidations are horrible. The only other thing I find frustrating is when a store tries to sell a floor model – PC, TV, Etc. – and they’ve only taken $20 off of the price. And they think it’s a good deal to offer you the scratched up, key pressed whatnot at that price.

  39. BuckHapkido says:

    I did, just today, get a DVD of “Tango and Cash” for $2.80.

    I leave it to others to decide if I was overcharged.

  40. gaya2081 says:

    My fiance has 6 more days at CC. His job is to sit at the door and highlight the ALL SALES FINAL on people’s receipts. He sits right in front of the exit (entrance is one way) with and exit sign and an arrow pointing towards the door (plus other signs). He keeps track of how many people ask him where the exit is each day. On average 100-110 and usually there is 2-5 people who have to ask twice. Now this store actually has 2 exits, the main exit and the loading area exit (loading area for large purchases is in front of the store). The door broke over the weekend so they have tape and signs etc up. I guess some guy ignored the signs, walked under the tape and ran into the door. He was then mad that the door wouldn’t open….

    I am surprised we manage to function with people like that.
    I can’t wait till he gets another job. Several people have already told him ‘If I was hiring I would hire you in a heartbeat’.
    Thankfully I make enough (barely) to pay for our rent etc.

  41. Matthew Davis says:

    I have one thing to say in defense of the Circuit City Liquidation. I managed to get the 300 dollar XBOX bundle for 239. Most of the other prices were crap, but the xbox was good and some of the games were good for prices.

  42. Joseph Heck says:

    Hey I actually got a deal…a brand new xbox 360 60 gb regular $299 for $209…. sweetness. suck it Circuit City.

  43. TheWaffle says:

    I was checking out their computer games, and they wanted $49.95 for Titan Quest. Just the first game, not including the expansion or anything! BestBuy and GameStop have the original and expansion together for only $19.99. Good riddance, Circuit City.

  44. jedo1507r says:

    @undefined: @Emperor_GitEmSteveDave: Ah, like those neon-lit extension cords, which a good smack against the wall should stop that orange nightlight.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I snagged a home antenna for my (XM) Pioneer Inno from a local CC for 30 bucks. Of course, there was line waiting to get out the door, so I walked right past the line and walked out. Some door Nazi ran after me and shouted,”Sir! Sir! We just want to make sure you know all sales are final.” As if I could have returned it at that point.

  46. alysbrangwin Rodbaton says:

    Damn, when I worked at a computer store we sold 3 cables for 15, and one 6′ cable in a plastic bag for $8. That’s just ridiculous.

  47. parad0x360 says:

    Nothing like being ripped off for cables. The sad thing is most consumers will pay the price and think its a deal.

    They are always buying $40+ HDMI cables when you can buy one twice as long on Amazon for $0.28, sure you gotta pay $3 shipping but thats still amazingly cheap by comparison. Nothing like a little markup.

  48. Nicole Glynn says:

    There are a few deals to be had if you get lucky. I got a nice tv-stand for ten bucks – it was the floor model – and I also got an $80 laptop bag for just under $30.

  49. ciaright says:

    I have been visiting my local Circuit City waiting for the price to be right on a few items. For the first few weeks everything was way more expensive then online, but I finally found a real deal! I purchased a Monster Cable HTS950 for $45. This was less then half the cheapest one I found online.

  50. Scott Christian Pulver says:

    We actually got a bargain at CC about 2 weeks ago. We picked up a Mario Smash Brothers game guide for what we thought was going to be 50% off the list price of $20. When we checked out we were charged $1.00 :) So the little guy wins once in a while.

  51. radiochief says:

    I went to a local CC on Thursday- just to see what was left. There was not much…

    But I did get a Wii Fit Sleeve for $15.00 knocked down from $30.00.

    And a Nyko Wii SB-Ethernet Adapter for $10.00 down from the MSRP of $24.99.

    A good friend called me today asking about a LG 42″ HDTV. Model #:42LG20 for $900 which is 720p… I checked BB and they have the 42LG50 on sale for $900 this weekend and it’s 1080p. So, armed with some info you might be able to find a deal (of sorts).

    The guy who checked me out on Thursday said that they have 10 days left.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been checking the local CC over the last week or so and watching the prices fall on all their overpriced crap. Most of the dvds were picked over long before the prices got low enough for me to care, but I still got Arrested Development season 1 and a couple of Simpsons seasons for $10 apiece. There is also a shelf full of Netgear ethernet switches that are down to about $10 or $12, so i’m going to go back and get one of those to replace my aging one. I’m also thinking about making an offer on one of the stereo receiver floor models they have left, see if I can get something for under $50.

  53. Anonymous says:

    It’s not too bad right now if you check out the DVDs and CDs. You have to do your comparisions of course, but my husband and I got the third season of King of the Hill for $9.25. It’s about the same as an opened set online, and you don’t have to pay shipping.