ShamWow Commercial A Scam? Wow!

What’s up with this deceptive edit in the ShamWow commercial?

Watch this clip. First Vince pours cola on the carpet square. You see the cola pooling underneath. He lifts up the square to show all the soda. Then there’s a cut as he puts the square back down and you can see all the soda underneath is gone. He rolls the ShamWow over the square and wrenches the waterfall of cola out into the bowl. Best of all, Vince starts off this part by saying, “We’re going to do this in real time!”

It’s strange why they would resort to this editing trick because according to the comments I’ve read on Consumerist and elsewhere, the ShamWow works. Maybe though just not with drying up a whole glass of soda from the carpet.

[via Drivelocity]
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