United Airlines Offers Drinks To "The Idiots In Coach"

Reader Nicholas likes to listen to the cockpit channel while flying, because he says it calms his nerves. The flight attendants must have assumed that no one was turned to that station (or that they weren’t being broadcast on it), because Nicholas says he heard one of them refer to the passengers in the coach cabin as “idiots.” Whoops.

Nicholas says:

Hello, I noticed your story about the disconnecting of United’s customer complaint hotline. I thought you might enjoy this.

I am a frequent business traveler. I was on United flight 941 from Chicago to Denver. On takeoff and landing I always listen to the cockpit communications. Hearing the dulcet tones of the pilot helps ease some of my flying nervousness. During flight 941 I didn’t hear anything from the cockpit during takeoff and once we were in the air I heard something odd on the cockpit communications channel. It appeared I was hearing the flight attendants communications. I could see them talking on the phone near the bulkhead and I could hear it on the cockpit channel. Most of the conversation was fairly innocuous but when it was time to serve drinks I heard: “We start on drinks for the IDIOTS in coach”. It was at that point one of my fellow passengers let them know we could hear what they were saying. They stopped using the communications system and offered no apology.

I’ve sent the story to United and surprise… no response.

How embarrassing for them. If don’t have anything nice to say, flight attendants, don’t say anything at all.

If you’d like to escalate your complaint, try writing to this fine gentleman.


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