Woot-Off Going On Now

Woot is having another one of their neato Woot-Off sales right now. This is when they go through a bunch of merchandise and just keep wooting off one thing after another instead of their usual one per day setup. Plus there’s two flashing emergency lights, which always makes things more exciting, I find. [Woot]


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  1. Dafrety says:


    • Anonymous says:

      @Dafrety: Go to http://www.dealextreme.com – awesome prices and free shipping on the whole site, even if you’re just getting one item. Just be careful you don’t get a laser that’s too high powered or you’ll need special goggles to protect your eyes. Good luck :)

  2. MightyCow says:

    Sadly, the crappy stuff stays around forever and the good stuff disappears so quickly you can rarely get a deal.

  3. Doooom says:

    I briefly considered the electric guitar, but I have enough things collecting dust while I work entirely too much. Plus, I’m about to add school to my schedule. No guitar for me.

  4. Thaddeus says:

    What about Bag of Crap? That could be both good/crap.

  5. BAF says:

    Check out [www.wooters.us]

    • gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

      @BAF: since my good friend here isn’t very good at posting context for his links…
      wooters.us is a woot tracking site. this means you don’t have to sit at the woot homepage and manually F5 every microsecond, it will automatically update when there’s a new item, and play a nice little chime. this way, you can actually get some work done

  6. scooby2 says:

    This Woot Off has been extremely weak so far. The beginning of the bad economy Woot Offs?

  7. Watcher95 says:

    There goes the next few days down the drain.

  8. Cocotte says:

    Days like this I hate being Canadian. Boo!

  9. Hedgy2136 says:

    I got my very own set of Woot Off lights during the last one. I’m finally getting a chance to use them. WOOT!!!

  10. DTVTransitioned_GitEmSteveDave says:

    Damn, missed the green laser pointers AND USB panic button. I just want some BOC and maybe the Homer Simpson USB hub.

  11. philmin says:

    What a horrible laptop they have up now. Id love to be able to sell an old, outdated laptop for 280 bucks.

  12. Andrew Mussey says:

    Anyone know if when you buy 2 different products from the Woot off whether they are shipped separately or together, and if together, whether you have to still pay 5$ shipping for each item?

  13. robocop is bleeding says:

    Awesome. I just bought my first home and have pre-spent some of my sweet, sweet stimulus money towards the Roomba I’ve always wanted.

    • davidamarcillo says:

      @robocop_is_bleeding: good investment. I heart my Roomba.

    • CFinWV says:

      @robocop_is_bleeding: Me too, me too! Now I’ll have two roombas working simultaneously to annoy my cat.

    • Suttin says:

      @robocop_is_bleeding: You got 3 right?

      • robocop is bleeding says:

        @Suttin: Hah. I wish. I had a Roomba purchase from Woot pre-approved by the First National Bank of My Wife, but didn’t think I could press my luck and get more when there’s so much stuff to buy for our first home.

        Seriously, I need to buy a ladder. A ladder! So I can fix stuff! My stuff! That makes me feel like a grown-up right there. So long, Apartment Depot.

        • Buckaroo_GitEmSteveDave says:

          @robocop_is_bleeding: They have ladders. Just keep your eyes open!

          @robocop_is_bleeding: @CFinWV: I LOVE my Roomba, although I am on my second. My first, a guy developed problems, and my new one, a girl, is doing much better. I can’t believe how much hair they pick up. The only mod I did was add a fabric “bra” to the front bumper to stop it from scratching things when it bumps into them. I SOOOO want a 500 series which slows when it nears walls, then lightly taps them. As for the cats, they are scared of it, but insist on coming from all over the house to stare as it runs. The best side purchase I made was a remote off eBay, so I can chase them. I’m evil.

  14. Ben_Q2 says:

    How does this work? Right now they have a iRobot Roomba 415 which I was thinking of getting. Do they keep it up till they sell out and put a new item online after? or is there a link that I need to go to and they put up a new item each hour or so?

    • theblackdog says:

      @Ben_Q2: They keep it up until they sell out of it and then put up a new item within minutes after sell out, hence why people stay there refreshing the site all day long.

  15. spoco says:

    Just bought a new Roomba 415 for $90 on ebay, so this woot-off is off to a weak start.

  16. Cogito Ergo Bibo says:

    Awesome. From the bag o’ crap to bacon salt, hard to hate on a Woot Off!

    Scored my first bag o’ crap last Woot Off: Sansa 4 gig mp3 player (those actually are great players); very nice video camera bag; iPod charger. Even if you don’t end up wanting what you get, usually you know someone for whom the items would make a nice surprise gift. And they might just make nice gifts to yourself!

  17. zentex says:

    I see the pattern now. Woot sends me an email with random crap in it that has nothing to do with anything and the next day there is a woot-off.

    how subtle of them.

  18. darkmstr says:

    Last time around, they offered a pair of USB powered WootOff lights. And yes, they’re worth every penny :)

  19. admiral_stabbin says:

    This Woot Off is as sucky as the last half dozen. 95% crap, a couple fair deals, and a mad rush for BoC. Oh well, it beats geting an infectious disease.