Help! I Accidentally Ordered $127 Worth Of Snuggies!

Reader Laura’s mom wanted a Snuggie for her birthday, so she tried to order one. There was a 2-for-1 deal, so she ordered it — thinking she could use a Snuggie, too.

After her order, she was offered another 2-for-1 deal — for $5 less. What a deal! The whole family was getting Snuggies.

After placing her secord order, she was asked if she would like to upgrade to a “deluxe” Snuggie, which apparently is 50% thicker and comes with pockets. She thought that sounded just fine to her, so she said yes. Only after the order was processed did she get the news that she had somehow ordered six Snuggies — for a total of $127.

Laura writes:

What they don’t tell you is that it’s $7.95 for shipping and handling PER SNUGGIE, and you have to enter all of your information on the first screen – billing, shipping, etc. Once you enter your info and hit confirm, you get an offer for two more for only $14.95 (again, hiding the clever $7.95 per Snuggie “P&H” as they call it). I assumed I could give one to my Dad and/or bf – might as well, for $14.95 for two, right? The next screen offers you a deluxe “upgrade” – 50% thicker, and POCKETS! (Woo!) I thought that’d be for the ones I already ordered… But no, it’s TWO MORE SNUGGIES… with the add’l fees!

Don’t you have to confirm all charges before your order is processed – or at least see a final total before your order is confirmed???

Now Laura is on the hook for $79.85 worth of Snuggies and $47.70 in shipping charges.

Now she’s desperately trying to cancel the order, but is getting the run around from the CSRs at the other end of the 1-800 number. If Snuggie won’t listen to reason, we think Laura should contact her credit card company and ask for help with this fuzzy menace.

Beware, blankets with sleeves are fraught with peril. If you really want one, maybe you should try Etsy.

UPDATE: Laura says she was eventually able to get through to a real human using, of all things, the customer service number for Shamwow! It looks like everything is canceled now, which is sort of sad because she was going to wear her Snuggie to the Snuggie Pub Crawl in Chicago.

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