FDA Forces Pharma Company To Admit That Its Birth Control Pill Isn't Miraculous

Bayer, the company that makes the popular birth control pill, Yaz, is being forced to run ads that “correct” some of the claims that it made in commercials touting the pill’s “proven” ability to rid women of acne and PMS. The company settled with the FDA, promising to spend $20 million on the corrections, warning women that they shouldn’t take Yaz hoping to cure their pimples and irritability.

From the NYT:

Regulators say the ads overstated the drug’s ability to improve women’s moods and clear up acne, while playing down its potential health risks. Under a settlement with the states, Bayer agreed last Friday to spend at least $20 million on the campaign and for the next six years to submit all Yaz ads for federal screening before they appear.

“You may have seen some Yaz commercials recently that were not clear,” an actress says in the new corrective television spot, as she looks into the camera. “The F.D.A. wants us to correct a few points in those ads.”

The offending ads can still be found on YouTube. Wow, look at all of our problems floating away in happy balloons.

A Birth Control Pill That Promised Too Much [NYT]

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