Starbucks Value Meals Unveiled: $3.95 For A Latte And Oatmeal

CEO Howard Schultz once vowed he would never have value meals at Starbucks. Hey, he lied. As foretold, Starbucks has just unveiled their new “breakfast pairings” which is the Starbucksian code for a value meal. For $3.95 you can get a drip coffee and a hot sandwich or a latte and a bowl of oatmeal or cinnamon swirl coffee cake.

McDonald’s reaction to Starbucks emulating them for a change?

“Value has, and will always be on the menu at McDonald’s,” spokeswoman Danya Proud says.

In case you’re confused as to why Starbucks suddenly cares about “value,” their same store sales are down 10% (!) and net income down 69%.

Struggling Starbucks unveils menu deal to halt slide [USAToday]
(Photo:Atwater Village Newbie)