MySpace Kicks Off 90,000 Registered Sex Offenders

If you notice a sudden dearth of cute and sensitive teenagers on MySpace today, it’s because 90,000 sex offenders have been “identified and removed” from the site. The news has shocked the Connecticut Attorney General, who made the announcement.

This revelation is totally appalling and unacceptable, and this shocking revelation, resulting from our subpoena, also provides compelling proof that social networking sites remain ripe with sexual predators.”

MySpace issued its own statement:

As the first and only social networking site to use state of the art technology to identify and remove registered sex offenders from its site, MySpace is proud of its leadership position and hopes that Facebook follows our lead in providing their members with the same protections. Also, please stop using Facebook and come back to us. Please. Look, here are “25 Things About Me,” see we’re cool too, come back.

We may have embellished that last quote.

In the interests of fairness, we would like to point out this article about a teenager who was just arrested for using Facebook to blackmail other teen boys into sex.

“MySpace kicks out 90,000 sex offenders, Connecticut AG says” [CNN]

“Police: Teen Used Facebook To Blackmail Students Into Sex Acts” []

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