My iPhone Got Jacked At Gunpoint – Help!

Reader Dan says he was walking home last night and got robbed at gunpoint, losing his iPhone, which he only got five days ago, in the process. He asks, “Any tips from you or readers? Can it be tracked using the onboard gps? This STINKS!”

Sorry, Dan, that really sucks. Theoretically, it should be traceable by its signal. But checking the comments on a post about this issue on Chris Pirillo’s blog, there’s several people saying that AT&T was no help and wouldn’t do a trace when they reported their phone stolen to the police. Here’s one of the guys who was successful, though.

ConditionWon wrote:

I FOUND my phone because the thief registered it with ATT, so Apple help was able to confirm the phone #, and user who had taken my phone… I gave that info the the cops, and the guy was arrested! BTW… ATT was of NO help whatsoever, they wouldn’t even confirm that the # my phone was registered under was their customer. Yay for Apple though!!!

What Happens when your iPhone gets Stolen
[Chris Pirillo] (Photo: frankieleon)