The Mess DHL Left Behind When It Pulled Out Of The US

When DHL ended domestic shipping and laid off 9,500 people back in November, 60 Minutes says it was losing $6 million a day. Now the people of Wilmington, Ohio are cleaning up the mess that DHL left and are wondering what’s next.

In 1980, Airborne Express turned Wilmington’s abandoned Air Force base into a hub for overnight shipping. Eight thousand people found work at what they call “the air park.” Then, in 2003 a German company, DHL, bought Airborne in an effort to win a big piece of the U.S. market. It didn’t work. The merger was rocky, there were service disruptions, and customers left in droves. With last fall’s economic crash, DHL was losing $6 million a day in the U.S.; layoffs started coming by the hundreds.

People who worked there for decades found themselves in DHL-sponsored meetings learning about unemployment.

Economic Storm Batters Ohio Town [60 Minutes]

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