Text message phishing scam hits U.S. Cellular customers in Des Moines. [WHOTV.com] (Thanks to David!)


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  1. Sunflower1970 says:

    I’ve been getting similar messages except from Franklin Bank recently. 2 yesterday, and two on Friday, but I’m with T-Mobile

    Couple of my coworkers have been getting the same messages all last week. At least two a day….They’re both with Sprint…

  2. YourTechSupport says:

    Dear Telcos. Please. For fuck sake. If you’re going to charge me to recieve text messages, let me filter it down to people I actually want to get messages from.

  3. kingofmars says:

    Are we sure this isn’t just another ploy for ATT to get us to watch American Idol?

  4. LastVigilante says:

    I’m from Chicagoland and with U.S. Cellular and got this same text last Friday. Mentioned a bank account had “unusual activity” and to call an 800 number. So happens that I have an account with the bank they used, so I paused for a second, but then realized my bank doesn’t know my cell, nor would the message come from a non bank email “Carlos@jenark.net”. Total scam, but I don’t pay for incoming texts so, whatever.

  5. Teradoc says:

    A friend of mine I work with in Cedar Rapids, IA says she is a Sprint customer and got it from “Metabank”