Looking for a quick estimate of your credit score? CreditCards.com has a simple questionnaire that will give you an idea where you probably stand. [CreditCards.com]


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  1. dollywould says:

    It’s not bad. I found out my credit score a few weeks ago, and this gave me a pretty good estimate. My actual score is only 8 points above the range they gave me.

  2. kimdog says:

    Yep… pretty good tool. Was within 10 points of my actual credit score.

  3. techstar25 says:

    I tried and it was only off of my FICO by 4 points. I get my FICO for free because I have a Wamu credit card (although that feature is going away, thanks to Chase).

    • internetsguy says:

      @techstar25: Even though WaMu claims this as a FICO score, I have always found my score via WaMu to be quite stale and never very accurate. I was using TrueCredit to monitor my 3 scores as I began to pay off & consolidate debt, and my WaMu score was never very accurate.

    • Cat_In_A_Hat says:

      @techstar25: Also very close to my FICO and yes I too hate the fact that the free FICO option is going away! Thanks Providian, I mean WaMu, I mean Chase :)

  4. Ann-Marie says:

    Why get an estimate when you can get a real score and report for free? I get mine from Quizzle.com.

  5. Coles_Law says:

    Accurate for me too. Cool.