The economy might be in a tailspin, but is doing just fine. “Amazon’s net profit rose 9 percent, to $225 million, or 52 cents a share, in the quarter that ended on Dec. 31, up from $207 million, or 48 cents, in the same quarter a year earlier,” says the New York Times.


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  1. Ash78 ain't got time to bleed says:

    Hooray, I have ONE stock doing okay now. I gambled that once things got tougher, more and more people were going to eventually be turned on to free shipping and no tax….I mean “deferred tax” (remember to declare it on your tax returns).

  2. KHook321 says:

    This is what you get when you combine great customer service with low prices. I love and did most of my shopping there this past holiday season.

  3. Zonino says:

    It was definitely an “Amazon Christmas” at my house.. I don’t think i shopped anywhere else.

  4. Canino says:

    Free shipping + no sales tax = lots of business

  5. Claytons says:

    This is surely in part attributable to the demise of Ebay.

    • squablow says:

      @Claytons: eBay should be absolutely thriving right now, instead they’re in the crapper because of really poor business decisions and some unwelcome changes to the site.

      Unfortunately, this news will only further convince Donahoe that he needs to continue to change eBay into a junior Amazon. It’s sad, really.

  6. Chongo says:

    Stocks are up 9 bucks today! argg I should of bought 2 weeks ago

  7. wdcr0ck says:

    Amazon get it right in so many areas that the news isn’t surprising. Huge product selection, a boatload of user reviews, good prices, quick shipping, ability to leave feedback, profiles, user communities, recommendations…the list just goes on and on.

    They aren’t perfect…but they do enough things well that they deserve every bit of success coming their way.

    I’ve spent my share of $$$ at Amazon.

  8. Anne Boleyn says:

    I love Amazon and do A LOT of shopping there. However, since they started charging NY state sales tax I’ve been starting to look elsewhere for a lot of purchases. I wish they’d find a loophole like Newegg and not tax us :(

    • MooseOfReason says:

      @squidboots: Newegg charges sales tax for New Jersey orders, but that might be due to their warehouse here.

      New Jersey, California, and Tennessee.

  9. bohemian says:

    Amazon has proven to be cheaper on many things we buy even before taking the lack of sales tax into the picture. So there are multiple savings. Lower initial price, no sales tax and no transit cost (no driving – free shipping).
    Amazon also has a better selection for just about everything compared to the retailers where we live.

    Ebay is in a horrible state. I want to buy more things there but so many sellers have bailed due to ebay treating their sellers like crap that the selection has dwindled.

  10. christoj879 says:

    Looks like blacklisting the unprofitables and removing the post order price guarantee really helped.