Angry Consumer Slices and Dices Credit Cards To Protest Rate Increase

Like many Americans, Christian and his wife got themselves into debt with a car loan and by using credit cards to pay for their wedding. Now they’ve been working on paying off their debt and had gotten it down from $35,000 to $15,000 — when their credit card companies decided to randomly raise their APR. Now they’ve cut up their cards forever in protest.

Christian says:

Like most credit card wielding Americans, I’ve recently been hit by many changes to my accounts that not only shake up my finances, but also my future. My wife and I have been reading your site and are in the middle of a four year plan to get ourselves on track to buy a modestly priced home. Two years ago, we were $35,000 in debt with a car loan and credit cards used to pay for our own wedding. Today, we are down to $15,000 in debt with a higher income that will certainly see us paying things off much quicker. Always paying our bills and credit cards on time, it was looking like our credit would be very good come time to buy a house.

Now, our two highest limit credit cards have decided to raise our APR on us and our balances. These would be a Citi card and a Chase card. We’re in less debt, with perfect payment histories, but they’re doing this to everyone, so why not us?

Attached is a photo of all of our credit cards, cut up forever. We are done with them.

Wow, that’s a big pile of credit card shards you have there. It’s like a credit card salad.

Anyway, we’re glad to know that you’re serious about paying off your debt! Keep going!

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