Burger King Calling Products Small, Medium, & Large Is Somehow Controversial

Burger King has changed the names, but not the actual sizes or prices, of their various products. Instead of having a “king” size, the largest size is now called “large.” The names are now “value”, “small”, “medium” and “large.” This is seen as misleading, because customers not used to the change are accidentally ordering the wrong size.

From the Boston Herald:

Problem is, there’s no value in the pricing. The fast-food chain simply renamed its sizes and kept the same prices.

So, the small Diet Coke that cost $1.05 at your local BK is the new “value” size, but it still costs $1.05.
BK also renamed its other sizes and kept their prices unchanged. The former medium is the new small, the old large is now medium, and “king-size” is now large.

Reader Mark says:

The real problem isn’t the name change, IMO, but the fact that they have done a terrible job at educating consumers. All too often I notice people ordering a “medium” and expecting what is now the small size, and then being somewhat duped into spending an extra forty cents. I’ve did it myself once.

In tangentially related news, we wish Starbucks would teach its “baristas” what the words “large coffee” mean.

Burger King’s name game: Same size, same prices [Boston Herald] (Thanks, Mark!)
(Photo:Matt McGee

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