Miller High Life To Show 1-Second Ads During Superbowl

Blink and you’ll miss it. Miller High Life has bought up 1-second slots advertising to air during the Superbowl. The spots feature a boisterous Miller High Life (MHL) truck-loader named Wendel shouting out phrases and doing silly things inside a MHL loading dock. “Happy can,” “Cham-pagne of beers,” “pigskin gravy,” “Frugal bugle,” are some of the things says in the preview spots posted on

The brilliant use of the format dovetails perfectly with the beer’s brand identity. “Miller High Life is all about high quality and great value, so it wouldn’t make sense for this brand to pay $3 million for a 30-second ad,” said High Life senior brand manager Kevin Oglesby, in a press release. “Just like our consumers, High Life strives to make smart choices. One second should be plenty of time to remind viewers that Miller High Life is common sense in a bottle.”

I’ve been predicting for the past year that MHL was poised to become the PBR of the recession, perhaps this campaign will cement it. Wendel also has a bunch of clips on YouTube, many of which are much longer than 1 second.

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