Mint Alerts Users Whose Accounts Were Fraudulently Charged

A couple days ago, we wrote about a fake company called Adele that was fraudulently charging 25 cents to credit cards. Personal finance site Mint heard about the scam too, and they reviewed their users’ records and notified them if they found a fraudulent charge.

Mint’s email to its members:

Over the past 24 hours, you may have read news reports in the Washington Post, the Boston Globe and elsewhere that millions of Americans may have recently been fraudulently charged about $0.25 each from merchants named Adele or GFDL.

In response to this news, We reviewed all users’ accounts today and identified that you have a charge from one or both of these merchants.

We’d bet that the affected users were pleased that Mint was looking out for them, but we’d be a little nervous that Mint had gone through all of our charges. What do you think?

Thanks, Noah!

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