Reminder: Text Messaging Can Be Used For Scams, Too

This story from Jessica is a good reminder that scammers don’t care about the technology, they care about about fooling you. That means they’ll use whatever method is available—in this case, SMS.

This is probably not news to you guys but thought I’d put it out there. I just received a text ostensibly from the security department at TD bank enjoining me to call 1-630-303-9101. Since I’ve never even heard of TD bank, no less had an account with them, I looked it up on the web to confirm that they did exist. Still suspicious, I called the number. It was a recording asking that I provide my credit card or debit card number. Naturally, I did no such thing. Instead, I called the TD bank customer service number provided on their web site. They indicated they’ve recently had many reports of fraudulent texts going out.

Just a reminder for folks to keep vigilant about never blindly giving out any sort of information over the phone or online.

A lot of people would be suspicious of any unannounced text message, but we imagine there are just as many who are wary of phone calls and phishing emails but don’t think to include SMS.

(Photo: ryanoelke)

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