Man Finds Meal Worms In Reese's Brownie, After Taking Big Bite

As if a big chocolate doodie drizzled in caramelized cheez-wiz wasn’t gross enough, Marc was dismayed to find his Reese’s brownie covered in strange webbing. Dismay turned to horror as he ascertained the white strings and brown pellets were related to the meal worms crawling their way through his sweet treat. When he took the brownie back to the deli, they opened the rest of the batch. It was a veritable meal worm polka party. The horror unfolds in photographic form, inside…

Marc writes:

I’ve been a fan of yours guys blog for quite some time now, and today unfortunately I believe I have something to contribute to the blog. Today like everyday around noon I took my lunch break from work and went about my business. At the end of my break I decided to go to my local deli to pick up some snacks to last me throughout the day, hey us IT guys need brain food 😉 Anyways I picked up a bag of Doritos and my favorite treat, a Reese’s Brownie.

After getting back to my desk I sat down, and while checking my mail unwrapped the brownie and took a bite and continued to read my emails. I noticed the taste was slightly off but nothing to be alarmed about, until I looked at what I just took a bite out of. The entire brownie was covered in what looked to be a very fine spider web with little maggots/worms and little brown pellets I believe are eggs… I couldn’t believe my eyes and right away took pictures with my cell phone. I tried calling Hershey’s customer support, but unfortunately they are only available Mon-Fri 9am-4pm EST, and its 3pm here in San Diego right now. So I thought I’d do the next best thing and go back to the deli, they reimbursed me my $1.20 for the brownie, but they actually suggesting vomiting everything out before I get sick. Which I now have done. But with being angry at Hershey for clearly failing check their products quality, I now also feel sick to my stomach.

The deli immediately took all the brownies off the shelf, and opened up another one to discover the entire batch is infested with maggots and webs.

I’m truly disgusted, and will never eat another Reese’s Brownie again. I will try again tomorrow to contact Hershey’s to complain about this.

A sincerely disgusted consumer,

PS: Feel free to post this and/or contact me or give me any pointers on how to proceed with this matter

Don’t worry trying to reach Hershey’s, Marc, I suspect this post will soon be shooting around the appropriate offices soon enough. Also, don’t worry about what you ate, they were probably not maggots, but meal worms, a common and harmless, pantry infestation, although not pleasant to unexpectedly find in your stomach, I’m sure. The culprit is probably not Hershey’s, but something in how they were stored or transported.

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