Comcast Installer Dangles From Water Tower For 1.5 Hours Before Rescue

You thought you were having a bad day? Meet Chris. He was installing some equipment for Comcast (by way of a subcontractor) on a water tower in Payne, Ohio. His rigging broke and left him dangling by his safety harness for over an hour.

From the Crescent-News:

“We made a call to Paulding for an aerial ladder (truck),” said Payne Fire Chief Dave Krouse. “Paulding got here and the ladder was too short. We called Van Wert and got them and their medics.”

Van Wert Fire Chief Jim Steele said that Van Wert and Payne personnel were able to get Faylor down within a half hour of Van Wert’s arrival.

“We raised our aerial truck to its highest height at 105 feet and he was still a good five feet above us,” he said. “Between our two departments we set up an anchoring system and were able to lower him to our basket.”

Comcast’s spokesperson said he was unaware of any similar incidents, and that the company would like to thank the fire departments. An OSHA representative from the area told the paper, “We were pleased he was wearing his personal protective equipment system and the system worked.”

Probably not as pleased as he is, we imagine.

Man dangles on Payne’s water tower before rescue [Crescent-News]