Giant List Of Online Legal Resources Will Keep You Half-Educated, Annoy Your Lawyer

Thanks to the Internet, with a single Google search and some creative guesswork you can diagnose pretty much any disease you want. Yes, this has made the world of medicine entirely unnecessary, but what about the legal profession? Surely the web can replace that too!

Note that our suggestion to ignore real medical and legal expertise illustrates the greatest pitfall of online advice, which is that it may be entirely fictitious. There’s no doubt that this list can be a great resource, but you should probably still get your real legal advice from those who have been properly trained. Still, we can see this being helpful if you’re trying to figure out a legal phrase or find a form you can download, or if you need help finding an expert in your neighborhood.

“100 Free DIY Legal Resources on the Web” [e-Justice Blog]
(Photo: Daquella manera)

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