ACE Hardware Is Tired Of People Asking For Double Ended Male Adapters

At the risk of allowing this post to devolve into a discussion about the morality of “double ended male” products in general — we thought we’d share this photo of a sign spotted in the window of an ACE Hardware store.

It reads:

Double ended male “adapters” are illegal, dangerous, a fire hazard, and possible [sic] immoral.
If you have need of this “adapter” you have hung a string of lights backwards.

Reader Ben, who spotted the sign says:

I didn’t realize that using the wrong adapter is “possible immoral.” If the sign creator thinks those adapters are sinful, I’d hate to hear what he or she thinks of a Jenna Jameson movie.

We don’t have anything to say about the morality of these “adapters,” but we are having fun picturing the number of times this product was requested before the manager finally threw a fit and made this sign.

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