Target "Not Responsible" For Flying Carts of Doom

Jason likes his car a lot. Apparently, so do the shopping carts at the local Target, because they just can’t stop themselves from colliding with his vehicle. Luckily, it isn’t Target’s fault, according to Target.

Jason’s tip:

I’m hoping you can help me with a issues I had this evening with Target. I work at a store in the same complex as target and we share a parking lot. This evening I had a fellow co worker come in and tell me that one of there shopping carts came flying through the parking lot and same into the back of my car. He was afraid to tell me because everyone I work with knows how particular I am about my car. Anyways, I calmed myself down enough to go in and speak with a manager. When I got there they call over their security guy and he did not know what to do so they called someone over who I assume was manager by the name of Lee. Lee told me that it was not there problem and once the cart leave s the front of the store their store they no longer came liability. Me being visibly upset said I want you to fix my car. He did nothing and said is there anything else I can help you with? I left and filled a report with the police who said I was out of luck.
I guess my big issue is that they will take no responsibility for there property damaging mine. They made no attempt to get the carts out of the parking lot until I came in and within minutes of me coming in they removed the carts .
Is there anything that you can suggest I do?.

That is a tough break, Jason. That is some crock logic on the part of the manger, though – just because the cart left the front of the store, it is still the store’s property, and their responsibility to maintain. In fact, as mentioned, there are employees who corral carts on a regular basis to prevent this very thing, aren’t there?

The police report was a good start, but if you want to take it further, I’d start with a full rundown of all damages to your car. Get it checked out, find out exactly how much money it would take to fix what happened. An EECB to Target could be in your future. In the event that doesn’t work, there is always the tried-and-true small claims court. Best of luck, Jason!

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