As Retailers Suffer, Shoppers Start Haggling

Shoppers are frequently haggling over prices, even at major chain stores, the AP reports. With retail stores suffering, “you’d have to be a moron not to ask for a discount.”

Stores like J. Crew and Costco are revising their return and price adjustment policies to accommodate customers who ask, and electronics retailers are cutting prices to stay competitive with other stores, so if you’re doing any post-holiday shopping, be sure to ask about a lower price. What’s more, we wrote recently that the best time to haggle is the end of the month. The end of the year is better still.

For a primer on haggling, check out an earlier link we posted to Consumer Reports‘s “Tightwad” Tod Marks teaching NBC’s Matt Lauer how to haggle. And check out the rest of our stories on haggling.

Has the stagnant economy inspired you to negotiate prices? Are you an experienced haggler? Let us know your experiences in the comments.

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