Sea World Honors Military By Not Seating Them

Reader Lynn and her family visited Sea World, which trumpets its support and free admission for military visitors, but discovered that support meant “not letting your active duty son sit with his family.”

We went to Sea World for the day with my son who is active duty Army Airborne. We all had platinum passes except for my son whose pass we canceled because he is heading for Afghanistan. Since he had flown in the day before and his luggage was lost he was in full uniform down to the black and tan American flag on his sleeve. Every employee in the park was great to him and it was something we expected since they make such a big deal about honoring our heroes. That was until we got to Shamu Stadium. Three platinum pass holders and a soldier, shouldn’t be a big deal to sit in the platinum pass section right? Wrong! My son was kicked out of the seats by the manager of the stadium! We explained we were pass holders and so was he until last month. They didn’t care at all. People saw this and were commenting on what absolute bull it was! We all ended up way over to the side in the worst seats since it was a full stadium. In another place this would have been an oh well thing. But the fact that they make such a big deal of honoring our heroes before the show starts and have all the present and past soldiers stand up made them look so bad it wasn’t funny. So that’s the story. In Shamu Stadium Orlando heroes are zeroes though they use the soldiers to make themselves look good.

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